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A series of articles entitled "Commercial real estate in the context of»
Author - Victor A. Hudson.

Article №1: «To God smiles or how much in a square meter?»

(Update by the author in March 2013)

"The farther into the woods - the thicker the guerrillas»
 - A modern Russian folklore

Usually, when there is a need in the sale of commercial real estate, the owner added hassle. Often it is not - the most enjoyable. It requires him to a lot of extra time and effort. And it is usually busy and loaded into current affairs and project leader, burdened with a large sphere of personal responsibility. But it is necessary - means it is necessary. And it starts ... How much? How? Where to get a buyer? How long will it last? What are the chances? And if I can do? Questions - without clear answers - added a lot.
As if they had not enough!

Further more. On stage there are "assistants, experts and specialists" of all stripes. Hello!
The usual result of communication with these comrades will, sooner or later, they carefully created "understanding" for the owner. Understanding that the exercise of their intentions (for the sale of the property) well is a complex matter that is not much further. And then at least some worthwhile results, without them is simply impossible. And even with them - if you are very lucky - it will be difficult to sell something that the owner wants and as he wants to.
It all depends on luck on the case!
This, incidentally, is not true. However, for these guys, it's still true - and the only saint. They did not lie to you ... here, at least. Just an affordable level for the control and the ability to change the situation, that's all.
Next - worse.

The worst lies - the truth is unsaid.
In our long-term investigation by the best agents (and agencies) of the total number of applications and proposals, the success of (transaction) is completed only one (!) Percent. This is all the "sale" of the property. And it is from the best. Usually this figure - between 0, 2-0, 5%. If you can, if desired, to establish open communication with multiple intermediaries in commercial real estate and ask them the right questions (and be able to get the honest answers to them) - then you even here The given me the numbers seem overstated.
Hence the corresponding reputation of intermediaries and their ilk. Often, the consumer loses a lot of time (years!) And effort to address the pressing issue.
In the end, he does everything himself, contrary to "help" the mediator. But,
thanks to her, significantly deviating from its original purpose, or
simply abandons her. Silly and strange that, in the event of his
success, he still pays a commission broker, as a rule. Here
success of the latter is already close to 100%.
Hello again!

It is a sad but common theme associated with low ability to achieve, and just put a worthy goal. And the presence of various "pathologies" in the field of real estate transactions abound.

The usual scheme is here.
If a person asks intermediaries to help him with the sale of its object, they promise, for a percentage. Or devalue his intention of "objective" reasons. Type: the crisis, market prices, the solvency of the population, etc. etc. to infinity, in the situation and the selfish interests of a mediator. Then, if the demand / supply themselves are currently not joined and / or "stretched", then a few days later, on
Man forgets, and "recall" in a couple - three months, if ever remember. Can the client "ripe"? In the sense - forced lowered / raised the amount change in the conditions and the like, and then in the same vein. The result of these manipulations is "exclusive" and putting data on the Internet, where 99% all the same intermediaries. That's all sales!
Hello again ...

Some of these guys are sincerely and genuinely surprised in person - "What else can you do ?! Well, hang a banner, perhaps. " Too terrible picture. For those who know the technology, sales and promotion - this sentence. Recognition of the full failure.
For me only one conclusion - they simply do not know. Or even worse - they think they know.

Suffice it to say that for the vast majority of people acquire real estate only possible way of sale is considered to be online. It is, of course, indispensable, the Internet, as well as mobile communications. But not even a surgeon uses a scalpel alone. Wonderful actress Monica Bellucci once said that beauty for a woman becomes a problem only in two cases: when it does not exist, or when there is nothing except her. The same can be said about the Internet. If the implementation of a business or property only rely on a network, it says that the chances of success are reduced to zero.
Greetings will not help)))

This "technology" as extensive as there are generally accepted. And as irrational and low degree of its effectiveness.
Nobody does anything! It told me a guy who had unsuccessfully tried to sell the agency through the new nine retail and office center in the regional city of Ukraine. And not for sale! I lost time, money, hope, a bunch of strength and health, and even the possibility to resolve this issue as neither be acceptable to itself. 8 000 000 $ !!!
No matter what exclusives, interest and conditions.
The end.

I digress, but this is a total lack of common sense and ethics in the "modern business", ordinary and sad situation. As well as a lack of understanding of what property itself has only the value that it gave capable, skilled and energetic people who have created their own labor and the value of some significance for her.
And the defeat of any project is reduced to the following factors:

1) lack of funding
2) inappropriate or inefficient use it
3) the first and second together, but very carefully and with great naive hope of success (or God).

The third point - it is a regular and popular sample in two areas - real estate and politics.
It is difficult all that bad understood.
In fact, the sale (of anything, and real estate - especially), this finding of demand, or the creation and subsequent strengthening of its prior exchange (payment).
And that's all.
Keyword - DEMAND. And another thing - to create.
But this is a clear and well-built algorithm functions of the seller. Instead of the head, or the more intermediary that the concept of this has not, and can not have by definition a mediator. Open Dictionary: person involved in negotiating parties - the mediator. The basic definition of the word.
This is not a sale.
It is not the seller.
It all comes down to a case in which you can participate. Therefore, the agency / intermediary for "buoyancy" you need a lot of applications, from the 300 or more per unit of time. Agencies - and even more.
Good luck rare and intermediaries darkness.

So it turns out that one and the same object at the same site, gets a certain number of times, often with the same text and photos, change only the contacts intermediaries - organized or not. For the case of the competent seller - is an optional bonus. Sell ​​/ buy everything you can - the question of conditions: the availability of proper authority and funding. He was nowhere accident, and "exclusives" are not necessary especially ... they are just ordinary.

There is only one factor that determines the success of the sale of any real estate. Maybe you do not know, but on this planet there are crazy shortage of personnel in the market. This capable and energetic organizers and managers. Those who can unite people and bring the idea to life so that it worked and gave the income and stability. Most owners of large commercial real estate such people. Most - but not all, alas.
Those who provide the exchange. Such people in our society are not catastrophic enough, and society only because these people can survive and thrive.
Where a lot of money, this is particularly evident.

Examples are easily accessible. Everyone had seen the abandoned and neglected objects close to the prosperous and well-groomed businesses - in a single economic zone.

In this article, I have given only a couple of unpopular but stable and verified reality data. Commercial real estate is very extensive in volume and structure. And, besides, this is an area in which someone's stupidity very profitable thing. And so it is folly, we must create and nurture, and I have already said what to whom ... by mass, they, in their own way, interesting, skillful and sometimes even original.
But this is a topic for another article.

An alternative to the above-described "lohodromu" for the owner who wants to sell its object is "on the ball" and still achieve its goal to be the next -

It is important to never from this goal does not deviate to either say "experts-wishers." And find yourself such a seller for his property to be borne, not on God's will has exceeded, or even a crisis or whether the justification, personal responsibility for achieving this goal and a successful sale.

Well, or temporarily cease to be a leader and to be in such a seller. The pre-study the stability and efficient data subject "sales and promotion».

I wish you good results and deserved victory.

(This remark I write a couple of years from the first publication of this, and the subsequent articles of the series "Commercial real estate in a context." Not so bad "in this best of all possible worlds", as it turned out. There is still life in the old dog and sane people in the area of ​​activity ... and it's good! And rightly so. I get a lot of appreciative responses from these people and confirmed in the form of their many successful applications of my "technology of active sales in the real estate." unites those lucky that they have read, studied, understood and It is used for solution of the problems I have outlined in these articles data. With me, or even - without my participation in it. That's just great, and what I am very pleased. It is becoming more order and efficiency in this area.
So, for what, in fact, are written these articles ...
Read, use and get their success! I would also be very happy if you decide to share this with me ...
I love it when good people win)

P.S. Look for an article number 2 - "Ghostbusters: the practice of selling objects of business and investment projects»

For you and respect -
Victor Hudson - entrepreneur, analyst, publicist.
Office «Vector Realization»
Active sales in real estate


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