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You know, "pokraschennya" still has a place to be. More specifically, it might occur even when these economic circumstances. I managed to find an article of income funds in Ukraine, which continues to grow year after year, despite anything to the global financial turmoil.
This transfer of our guest workers. Where the sum on the scale of Ukraine looks quite impressive, both in absolute terms (seven and a half billion dollars) and relative (after all, 4, 3% of GDP). If you add a little more shtrishok - it exceeds the total receipts from all external investors (!) - It becomes altogether interesting.
It is interesting at least in the sense that, in principle, it seemed, would here it is - a lever for economic development. In due time, by the way, this way quite successfully passed Turkey - many turetskopoddannye invested money earned abroad (in the same Germany, for example), in the opening of business is at home. And the need for this was sheer nonsense - favorable regulatory climate for development and business.
I will not rub salt. Ukraine is not among those countries. And therefore the purpose of officially listed and transmitted nalom denezhek somewhat different - the food (not the fact that Ukrainian), clothing (the fact that not otchechestvennogo production), rest (again, hardly in Ukraine), stash.
But the development of our economy, it is not irrelevant.


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