Black Hand or coffin on wheels ... - why, what and why market participants are afraid of commercial real estate.

A series of articles entitled "Aspects of the business of real estate: in profile and full face" (ABN - series). Author - Victor A. Hudson.
(Updated on January 2014)

Article №5

Black Hand or coffin on wheels ... - why, what and why market participants are afraid of commercial real estate

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"In black, black city was black, black street.
On the black, black street was black, prechёrny house.
In black, black house was black, prechёrnaya room.
In black, the black room was black, prechёrny piano ...
And at night, black, black piano ... »

Stella Ivanova,
"About the black hand, the coffin on wheels and grape wine»

"Do not be afraid that your life must end,
afraid that she did not start ... »

John Newman -
English Cardinal, the central figure
in the religious life of Britain
Victorian period.

Much to my regret, the state of our society is that in the majority of cases, the best possible assistance from the environment of human activity is the lack of interference from this environment! It is for him ... the best. That's all. Only, and only. Well at least that it is not one hundred percent of the time. The real assistance and support - things are much higher in the world than even even than ... than even the understanding as such. Although it is, understanding and of itself extremely valuable, and in the same terrible deficit ... Yeah ...

Those to whom suddenly falls concrete slab "difficult circumstances", readily call it destiny. But that's only joy they did not add ... More generally nastaёt hour selection, which will create the same "fate" in the future. It's like the joke about the situation with a nail in a bench on which sat a passerby. As usual in such folklore, the first Russian villages. Colet. Oh, Well your mother! Picked up near the stone scored carnations - good! The second is to place the same shop landed ... Hoho, the Ukrainian villages. Prevents and painful. He got up, loosened carnations into his pocket and pulled himself put - good! Useful. Then, in a similar situation and was bulb .. and damn! - Belarusian. Uncomfortable to him. Cuts-tunic-sore, it prevents, too - and hard. And so poёrzal and syak bit crooked ... and decided: "And maybe the way it should?". There is also a continuation ... of a Jew, of course! He also lowered his ass on the same wit the same bench. He jumped up. Looks - nail. He sees - nearby, quite pleased with himself, sitting crest. To him and asked: "Listen, my dear! There is a nail in a bench ... there. You do not need? »
What's good about this anecdote, it's the fact that he demonstrates, and how there is a problem, and how it can be solved. Variations are possible. Always. And any. All of us - men all - Man. Even entrepreneurs. This is like, and how would not yapping about this the puppet media on a leash at his darkest owners. That's what I like about the activity of writer-journalist like me, is the fact that you can write the truth, and that there is no over him chief. Little things, of course ... but it's nice!
This article - about fear. True true. Nothing strange ... But many, many more great truth that the business - people, this interpersonal relationship is communication - the very first. And this, including more human emotions ... and reaction. Where do without this?

Those familiar with the Emotional Tone Scale Man developed by L. Ron Hubbard a genius, you know that the area of ​​these same reactions and emotions - is the lower part of the scale. "PCS" - as briefly indicate its versed in the subject. That part of it, where there is no place to common sense, reason, creation and I'm not talking about the creation. This is the area in which the "light at the end of the tunnel" is either missing completely or, at the approach, is a result of another big and usually the white part of the body. The one that just below the back ... The tone of fear (1, 0 on the scale), just in the middle of the field. Between apathy (0, 05 - below have only death of the body), and antagonism (2, 0).
Tone Scale - a tool without the slightest exaggeration, invaluable. For the head, to the seller, but simply for anyone who understands that it is important to know, not so familiar - "I think I know." I know that actually represent the people next to you. That in fact they want and that they can, what they can do, and what - no. And, most importantly, what their true intentions. And, like any precision instrument, pieces should thoroughly study and gain sustainable skills in the practical application. Personally, I will never forget the successes and revelations about the world around me, and of itself, the first time I really, full-time course studied this scale. Especially on such a lot of practical training there. Wow! Got something to remember.
I understand that it takes some time, and the article you're reading now. Because I will give advice. The easiest and most obvious example PCS can be quickly and easily right here and now. In Internet. Through the efforts of friends and admirers of the legendary lecturer Marina Gribanova, its classic lecture on "Truth About Drugs" is on a public video network. And there it is easy to find. So clearly, fast, fun and capacious as her in this video get a true picture of the PCS is simply impossible.

Why am I writing about this? Because the real estate market participants are related to big money. Sometimes - prohibitively large, too large for them. The most accurate epithet here asking the word "intolerable." And often, very often, in my experience - "the roof goes slowly ...". "Silently slate rustling ...". They have. A place where usually ends this trip, it was fear. And absolutely nothing good that this state of affairs does not allow most participants. Typically, and most strictly vice versa. This fixation leads them exactly to the place, which I mentioned above, and which is, sometimes, a little "massage" while playing with matches on my mother's bed. The size and power of attraction of this "place" in such cases is impressive - even looking from the outside.
Let's start to define our actors. Who are the participants in this market? ... Games in the "obnal" commercial real estate. Or, for that matter, who was there with us, according to the "Game Theory" Players and Shapes. And who (in his own call) - Dolls. And who - broken figures, etc. We will not only touch the creators of the game.
Let's leave it for reflection, for scheming ... Here are the categories in order of importance for the outcome of the process:

1. It is, first, do buyers and sellers - individuals, not "shirmy- company." These people live owners. Those who make the decisions and set the last signature. We understand that this is our Players. Here it is not boring, not-oo! Absolutely. Why is that? A look at the above-mentioned tone scale and see that - wow! - There they are cool. The tone of their high. Much as for points in comparison with their surroundings. And "chronic" and "sharp" and even "social" tone. And this is a very different thing. Last, and generally only mask and a mask, "social", as they say in slang pros. Window dressing that was absolutely clear. We are just as important more or less a constant tone, chronic. And sharp, sometimes ... The tone of the game, on the above-mentioned tone scale man is 22, 0. And it is very, very high. Almost all the available human potential in this tone is working and fully used. There's really interesting. There's a game! There, and only there, the zone of implementation of ideas. Their implementation. And - please! - Their ideas, creation.

This is not the lowest, in the truest sense of the word - "nizkotonnye" values, such as sex (read - only sexual intercourse), self-interest - as the sole motive for the "normal" person. And also "prestige" and idle leisure is the ultimate dream of any and everyone. Categories that just manic and frenzied imposed on the people of all communities are now so-called "fifth column." So we have openly become even call themselves "our kind" world media. The analogy with a fifth wheel here is inappropriate - there is a complete identity. Literally the same thing.
Do not you find an interesting similarity of some of the meanings of the words "implementation" and "sale"? I find. And I see. And you'll show a case using. This is exactly why these sales are considered to have "well, very difficult, very difficult." In the case where only the count and can. Or nonsense type NLP, hypnosis pain drug and similar stuff. Why not electric shocks, for example? After all, this dirty trick from the same opera that and other "therapeutic" charms psychiatry. Lobotomy, cage beds, the legalization of drugs under the guise of "drug", etc. I do not know. Do not sunk yet, probably. The point is that the embodiment and any constructive ideas and sale (unless SALE real and not a shameful vtyuhivanie) in our rather "nizkotonnom" modern society require the human condition and abilities that emerge from him at least strong level of interest (3, 3 pcs). Or higher.
People who have this as a permanent tone your (chronic) - very little, alas. Those who can stay in it sporadically (acute tone), rising to his example when fascinated favorite thing standing for a purpose or something like that - more. But still not enough (although it is relatively easy fixable, if desired, the man himself, of course).
What explains the most severe deficit, which now exists in the labor market. Lack of a terrible intelligent and efficient managers and ... and sellers. And those and other inherent natural and strong interest (not to be confused with self-interest - it is much lower in the PCS). Strong enough, and most importantly - long to continue to be helpful and professional as much as is needed for the realization. Enough to consistently get your product. Closed cycle of action (ZTSD) as a due result. You agree that underdone meat restaurant served if you did not ask for this, strictly speaking, not a product. That's it.

2. The following are figures in the hierarchy - those who move players, and they know it, though not always welcome. Still moving in a certain direction, when, according to, and when forced to. This is an interesting public has because usually (but again, not always) they are lower and significantly, the tone scale than the players. Have them direct, or very short, and can be contacted, because of this, they have a fairly strong impact on them. Rarely positive ... Alas. And often crucial simply because their search LOT - and one player. And it's his inner circle. Find someone with whom can not be avoided. Nothing.
This - the managers, it managers, trustees, approximate kin, lenders, bankers, brokers and envoys, experts of all stripes (with attitude) and stuff like that. And often the so-called ... partners. This is still "layer"!
For the case of a particularly nasty is that boys of this circle are fixed rather low on the tone scale. More nice if they, or rather, one of them will be bored (2, 5) or conservative (3, 0). In this state, they are still higher and can be more or less high-grade figures. In most cases, and - as a rule, most of them sticks out in the "human emotions and reactions" at most "do not play". In the area of ​​"body reflexes».

3. This is the broken figures. And typical, depressing disgusting for the player and his plan, this feature of the whole situation is that here on a purely mechanical level enters into force a law. Natural. Physical. Always Act ... "communicating vessels". If you are more memorable school experience at a physics lesson. For the tone scale, it looks like this: a person in a high tone (here we have it the player himself) is inevitable, the very fact of his close presence, will raise, will pull this entire horde "piyavochek" upstairs to his position on the scale. Very vyzhivatelnomu and pleasant location, observe.
I've been quite deliberately called this crowd of "friendly staff", and which includes all of these figures, broken, or not yet, Dolls, audience, and then so forth, on down ... Well, the people in the low tone of the player environment, as well unconsciously and automatically omit any more vysokotonny terminal (players!) who will be able to reach down. Wellcome! - "We have to Kolyma." Not always organized, but collectively - ALWAYS. Crowd, a crowd ... A familiar tactic?
It was then, let's you and I together and try to guess - who is, and who is faster and raise / lower? And it is not difficult at all. Right? That's just it ... popandos sorry for Fenya, but painfully accurate mot. ... I'm not so modest, so to speak, to be called "subtle hint" a direct hit in the forehead with a baseball bat. So ... be of good cheer. Further more. Due to immateriality for us and our theme, mentioning other far less interesting and important categories of participants in the game, and I will not develop this line further. There are in fact all the same - a clear "automatic" behavior (the aforementioned "social"), or the same apparent detachment and lack of appreciable effect. And so ... enough charms. Rather - fears.
Thanks! What are not only afraid of all, our participants, from the players and to the "meat bodies on full auto-pilot", which is full circle, and the catch-and which in this case necha ... But who try, try and try ... like stones with mountains, coasts ... Of course - not by themselves a given inertia. And the path too. Rape itself for you and then give examples of this "highly intelligent business idea." This fear is not to put the price, and not make it in time for the necessary fear, fraud and what to get, and taxes are not afraid fit and losing status and their purpose is not achieved and a lot more then enough with the stupid and funny competent person viewpoint. A! ABOUT! Another story: fear not - the horror! - "No guarantees" ... I do not comment.

But it's the players. And the funny thing is - as a rule! - More and NOT THEIR OWN. In other "comrades" all this many trivial, but a lot stronger. I then figured what to write, I realized that become sad. Ooh-hoo! Tosca, and ... boredom-conductive ... Ugh ... But understanding did give - everything that the rest of the feared and often just before the seizures, and muttering in a stomach, it's always the same thing, in fact. They are afraid of change. This is a common denominator of their global and fears ... And you'll laugh, they are afraid of change and do not want ANY much! The mentality of the public in such a state is best expressed by the phrase, "As if something happens ...". So it turns out - nothing. None of that is necessary to the players that he wants to aspire to - not an option. Wonderful, is not it?
They really want you to have not acted. This is the degradation, the real. And that's what they say in this case that the show - is another question. I want you to understand me correctly. I do not believe people bad - on the contrary. I know that people are very nice and social creatures. Basically. For quite a few exceptions, thank God. But the degree of occurrence of the "fundamentals" of different people is quite different. What determines their condition and their ability to date. And the magnitude and direction of the consequences they create. Vector, so to speak ... Tone Scale person only indicator of this condition. But - deadly accurate!
So - vector consequences created by a person located in the lower area on the tone scale, is always a negative direction. And the lower the person's position in this area, the more "power and strength" it, so to speak, creation ... in quotes. That's where, and by whom all these fears and "made"! As the assembly line, the flow ... a number of reasons and characteristics of man as a spiritual being, these fears have almost no impact on the more vysokotonnogo individual. But for some time and a certain volume. But then ... Then - a drop wears away the stone. A critical mass eventually accumulates and players unbeknownst to himself, but inevitably and automatically slides, on this issue at the level of "donor low emotions." And he makes these fears OWN. Himself! His. Makes. And after he himself had experienced. On itself ...

But this is not the stuff. And not the most pleasant. I'm not talking about the form factor and implementation of its initial ideas. At this level, very different "values" and "opportunities", as you already know. I hope. Typical gem of this tale: "Well! I told you! He said that nothing good would come from (name)! And so it happened! Miracles do not happen ... ". This is the only opportunity for them to the level of reality. There are no miracles. Exactly. NEVER - in such a state and in such a situation. This is basically impossible. When Roesch pit - the mountain does not only raise ... More itself is a pit-grave becomes, not the goal! And not the results to achieve these goals.
Defeat and failure to reach (your!) Are very pleased with the people in such a state that they would, at the same time, you do not have demonstrated. Why is that? Because they make them (not you!) Right.



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