Two of Ukraine. Why power tupit

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Yesterday they sent me all the conspiracy theories.
Moreover, the story was the one I only heroes.
The first version - to blame Russian. FSB taxis on Hrushevskoho is their handiwork. Angry Poo again taschschschschit poor Nenko in their terrible suffocating embrace, which gave all the money and now enslave.
The second version - to blame the Americans. This they made Maidan to harm Russia, and that is especially insidious - during the Olympics. Americans are dreaming, as would weaken Ukraine and Russia with her because they are afraid of competition on world markets.
Version of the third - world Jewish conspiracy. Explain nothing - all the Jews did to harm Russian, Ukrainians, all of humanity and white tigers with the penguins.
Fourth version - it Pede * asticheskaya Europe revenge Ukraine for non-adherence, trying riots put us on his knees and iznahratit unnatural way.

Well, I can not keep up at the time when my friends toil such nonsense!

It seems to me that the split of Ukraine, who a week ago was delusional fantasy, and today stands behind our windows, can be thought-out plan of Yanukovych and his team. Not a consequence of negligence, sloppiness and inability to compare with the effects of the causes and masterful execution of transactions. I do not think guarantor Seneca, but over the years that it closes the bright image of our political horizon, he (or his team) proved to be a good strategist and a very good tactician. And suddenly - a puncture puncture. Incitement completely peaceful Maidan to fire on Bankova, maintaining combustion with the flames, until the adoption of laws on January 16 that finally changed the political pattern of protest. After the assault Hrushevskoho situation could take control of a small force for a couple of hours, but the government does not do it, and begins the confrontation that led to the bloody events in which, by the way, a lot of unexplained facts. The facts, of course, not a cake ... But the trouble is that the victim's real! And again - no one puts out the fire, but it's time a week ago. VFYA again waiting ... Only what?
Start Capture TSR (regional adminstratsy) and instead respond in a timely manner and in Kiev, and on areas VFYA maintains an Olympian calm in action. He's philanthropy? I do not notice. What then?

What if ... The ultimate goal of the team and is a division of Ukraine into two parts. Industrial, industrial powerful east goes to VFYA - here he obviously can become president for life, and the savior of the fatherland.
A troubled agricultural and west falls off and becomes a concern of Europe and Poland, over the next 20 years, they are clearly not improve.
East will be supported by Russia, a division under such circumstances would be perfectly understood by the international community, and perhaps even approved. And the blood is spilled, and the sheep will be fed and the wolves have a snack at your leisure. Question - will battle for Kiev, because give it clearly is not included in the plans of the WF. I think that will be carried out as a demarcation line along the Dnieper traditionally comfortable.

In general, God forbid, but it looks like.

When I wrote the man's land, the Emperor of All Russia caused some of my friends smile. Now do not laugh, is not funny. And about the Confederation and East Ukrainian Republic told me "three times haha." - Unreal. It seems that the prediction comes true. I would not like to completely.

It seems to me that the theory of "the planned split" explains a lot of power in his actions. Although the ultimate truth, I do not pretend.
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