Wasserman advocates the immediate civil war in Ukraine. In many knowledge ...

It seems quite Her head with a person ill. But decide for yourself. The text of the letter:

Lately, I have, of course, many ask: how events will develop in Ukraine, what the outcome of these events, it seems to me the most probable, what seems to be the best. The short answer: the best possible outcome from now - the civil war in Ukraine. Naturally, it is asking plunges into shock, awe and amazement.

But the explanation, unfortunately, is quite simple.

The intervention of the Russian Federation in the format in which it happened in the Crimea, in other parts of Ukraine is hardly possible. After all, the residents of the Crimea were able to organize and conduct serious enough to share, pressure on the legally elected government, with this power - as opposed to the central government in Ukraine - retains legitimacy (for some reason the central government in Ukraine now is illegitimate, I was told). And the inhabitants of Crimea were able to make their legally elected government to decide on the movement in Russia. Other regions of Ukraine have not been able to organize a similar pressure on their government - and judging by the way things are going, it is unlikely the situation in the foreseeable future capital changes.

If Ukraine - an integral part of Russia - will remain at the mercy of the Galician Ukrainian separatists and Nazis, the transformation of Russian agents in the anti-Russian, practiced in Galicia, since the year 1867, but in Ukraine itself still used quite limited, will be applied en masse and without a twinge conscience. The result of such an application is already visible: the transformation of Russian not only in the non-Russian and anti-Russian in, ready to destroy everything Russian - including in themselves.

This, in turn, means very soon almost the entire population of Ukraine will be turned into cannon fodder, ready for use in any conflict with the Russian Federation. Accordingly, when the start open violent confrontation, the Russian Federation will not be able to understand the subtle flavors that will be thrown in her direction, and will be forced to destroy all who oppose it by force of arms, regardless of who these people origin, what they believe and what motives guided their attack. Thus, in this case will be destroyed most of the population of Ukraine. And, judging by the already observed effectiveness of the current massive propaganda, the fact that the Russian convert to anti-Russian, will leave only a few years. That is doomed to failure is a large part of the current Ukrainian citizens.

If war breaks out now within the Ukraine, then given that - despite the sesquicentennial malignant ukrainizatorstvo - 5/6 of the current Ukrainian citizens in the native language Russian, you can expect: thanks so explicit numerical advantage in the civil war will be lost only a very small part of the Russian majority . Moreover, even among anti-Russian suffer only a relatively small part. For Russian, are known to differ from the majority of European nations completely nemeryanoe humanity (about it because I wrote the article "Our strength - that we have a little") and, in particular, does not see the need to completely destroy the enemy, if he is weak, and limited his rehabilitation. Therefore, if a civil war will start now, then it will end very quickly and with minimal casualties on both sides.

That's why I say, in the circumstances, now a civil war in Ukraine - the best possible at the moment out of the situation. This, of course, does not mean that I want this war. On the contrary, I would be glad and happy if she did not take place, if found any peaceful way out. But given that our opponents - the Americans and their mercenaries, including the Nazis and the Ukrainian Galician separatists, not eager to seek any kind was a compromise, I do not feel obliged to be a great humanist than our opponents.
Anatoly Wasserman

But I remember him as a young and though strange, but quite sane. Mdja, in mysterious ways. It looks like the dude in all seriousness thinks so ... That's really, truly, erudition is not synonymous with intelligence ...


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