Yatsenyuk: Ukraine is ready to give the EU and the United States a TCU

Ukraine is ready to discuss with the EU and the US on the issue of sharing and updating the gas transport system (GTS) of Ukraine, said Yatsenyuk appointed by the Verkhovna Rada prime minister of Ukraine.

"The best answer to the energy dependence of Ukraine from Russia will be present in Ukraine, European and American investors. In particular, we are ready to consider a joint operation and modernization of the Ukrainian gas transportation system, "- said Yatsenyuk after meeting with US Vice President Joseph Biden.

Ukraine is also ready for wide cooperation in the energy sector with US and European companies. "We need investments in our energy sector. And the best answer to the energy dependence of Ukraine from Russia will be present here, in Ukraine, European and US investors, "- said Yatsenyuk.

Ukrainian gas transportation system consists of main gas pipelines, distribution networks, gas storage, compression and gas metering stations, is the second largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The length of the main gas pipelines of Ukraine's GTS is 37, 6 thous. Km, the total capacity of 72 compressor stations of 5405 MW.

The capacity of the gas transportation system on the border between Ukraine and Russia is 288 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year, on the border of Ukraine with Poland, Romania, Belarus and Moldova - 178, 5 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year, including with the EU - 142, 5 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year.

"The most basic and most successful way of modernization of Ukrainian gas transportation system in terms of both the economy and in terms of overall performance may be just the solution for the long term. This solution involves the reform work, "Ukrtransgaz", hiring Western European management experts, international removal companies on stock exchanges in London or New York, selling half of the company through a public offer.

It can bring $ 15 billion to $ 25 billion, and the money can be used for repayment of debts of Ukraine to Russia for the modernization of the GTS. And it will be a favorable solution for both Europe and Russia, "- says managing director Robert Pelicourt Binche.

On the question of relations between Ukraine and "Gazprom", it is mainly economic issues. "Gazprom" is going to get paid for gas delivered, although the company is worried about the geopolitical aspects related to the reverse supply, believes Binche.

But the main relations "Gazprom" and Ukraine is still an economic issue. And if the "Gazprom" will receive the agreed payment for the agreed volumes, then there should be no problems with the supply of gas to Ukraine from other countries, the expert concludes.

In late 2013, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that Ukraine is outraged by the fact that the EU has no interest in the modernization of the Ukrainian GTS. Brussels has not submitted acceptable proposals Ukraine and other financial and political issues, said Azarov.

"The unique global gas transportation system, which can carry 100, 120, 150 billion cubic meters of gas under the condition of modernization, to ensure the needs of Europe, it is already 30 years old are not upgraded. Why is this system, which is of strategic importance for Europe, no interest from the Europeans? "- Wondered Azarov.

Now everything falls into place. Why the European Union at the time to buy Ukraine's GTS? You do not need it and the United States. And with the current Ukrainian authorities to take away the Ukrainian GTS is free.

The US and EU have the opportunity to "sit" on the pipe and immediately receive the income, and even to dictate Russia in the face of "Gazprom" for the transit price. After all, 33% of exports of "Gazprom" in Europe is still carried out through the Ukrainian gas transportation system. There are other levers of influence on "Gazprom" and Russia, and a set of these levers is limited only by imagination of the US and EU.



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