What do you mean 20 euros in Ukraine and Europe (12 photos)

Seventeen eurozone countries share a common currency - the euro. However, the difference in prices among EU members sometimes simply amazing. For example, the coffee is better to take a trip to Portugal or Ukraine, where for their 20 euros he can drink five times more cups of coffee than in Greece.

Coffee. Greece: 7 cups. Portugal: 35 cups. Ukraine: 35 cups.

Eggs (30 pieces). Ireland: 7 packs. Malta: 16 packages. Ukraine: 7 packs.

Ticket for the bus. Netherlands: 8 tickets. Slovakia: 43 ticket. Ukraine: 140 tickets.

Beer in the supermarket. Italy: 6 liters. Slovakia: 20 liters. Ukraine: 24 liters.

Camembert cheese. Slovenia 1: 6 kg. Belgium: 3 kg. Ukraine: 1, 4 kg.


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