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- Why Turchinov, performing incompatible duties of the president and the speaker of the illegally appointed "automatic" but "legally elected" by the Verkhovna Rada - this is normal, and Crimean prime minister appointed by the no less legitimate than BP, "duly elected" to the Crimean parliament - no?

Turchinov completely legitimate, elected in accordance with the local constitution. Specially refined to answer questions. According to the constitution, if the president is unable to perform his duties, his powers temporarily, until new elections, performs speaker. If there is no speaker - his first deputy, not the first - to second.
Yanukovych contrary to international agreements not signed laws adopted by Parliament, and fled in an unknown direction. First Deputy Speaker and resigned. Then, under the direction of the second deputy Parliament met that constitutional majority elected a new speaker, automatically began to perform the duties of the President. New presidential appointed and held as soon as possible. All laws.

And the Crimean parliament, unlike Kiev, was captured by Russian troops and met at gunpoint, without journalists. MPs have even selected mobile phones. That is, this meeting and its decisions are illegitimate.

 - Why are the leaders of mass protests in Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa - a "self-proclaimed governors" and the Cabinet Yatsenyuk - "the only legitimate government"?

Governors appointed by the president under the Constitution, otherwise they are impostors. Neither Turchynov, or even Yanukovych Gubarev, for example, were not appointed.
Cabinet Yatsenyuk legitimately formed a parliament, and even a constitutional majority, which is not mandatory. With the people on Maidan these candidates simply agreed. By the way, the decision of the people and the parliament's decision on the candidacy of the Minister does not coincide in all. Some people wanted people not appointed ministers.

 - Why "Euromaidan" shooting, Molotov cocktails and a bunch of corpses - a "peaceful demonstrations" and the uprising in the cities of South-East - a "violent extremism»?

Independence of the period, when there were cocktails, and even more shooting and corpses, no one called peaceful. Is that some stupid people who themselves this con. It was the usual revolution.
What is happening in the cities of the south-east - not "violent extremism" and attempts of foreign invasion and occupation, as first violin in these events play imported for this cross-border citizens of the Russian Federation.

 - Why Sasha Muzychko calmly walks to freedom, and those who liberated the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, pursued by police officers?

Sasha Muzychko not acting in the interests of foreign invaders. His role in these events - the field commander, revolutionary of the people. You do not think that directs Bilym Nuland? And they do not always lead Yarosh can) And guys who buzyat the east, led by Putin.

 - Why armed "Right Sector" is legal as self-defense "Euromaidan" and the Crimean self-defense units - are "terrorists"?

Legally they are about the same. First do not touch, because afraid, and secondly, too.

 - Why is strictly organized, coordinated and sponsored by outside Kiev "Euromaidan" - this is how Taruta said, "an example of civil initiative, self-organization, self-sacrifice and self-supply, sincerely supported by the broad masses," and tens of thousands of protesters on the south-east - is "artificially created a typical scenario, a caricature copying Maidan ", the motor is" working at the expense of foreign citizens and citizens of raised money »?

Because the way it is. Except that Maidan fund and coordinate not outside. All these and Ashton Nuland, but by and large, and with Klitschko and Yatsenyuk Tyagnibok, brought down to the ground, trying to somehow lead maydanovtsami - and people did not believe them and did what they themselves saw fit.

 - Why in Kiev can be burned and shot unarmed berkutovtsy and BB-Schnick, and in Kharkov you can not beat the "peaceful and unarmed" invaders RSA?

That "eagle" and BB unarmed - a blatant lie. Would you ever stood for several minutes under their grenades and firing.
In Kharkov, though unarmed, though armed can not be beat because it is an attempt to foreign occupation.

 - Why Russian flags at rallies and Administration - is separatism and EU flags on flagpoles Maidan and official - a "European integration»?

Because the European Union - is not a state, but a voluntary association of states which force anyone to itself does not add nor on whose land does not intrude. Countries (Turkey, for example) are in the queue for decades to get there. By the way, on the Maidan Russian flags were also, and not one, and no one about them nothing bad said.

 - Why beaten Snitsarchuk and Chornovol - it affected journalists and beaten Ruleva - provocateur?

Because the helmsman, as far as I know, not beaten because he was a journalist. Russian and pro-Russian journalists crowd go here, and nobody beats. Maximum, if they know that this channel or the journalist a lot of lies about the Maidan, somewhere may not be allowed. And the steering broke because he arranged a PR campaign glorifying "Berkut". Probably not worth it for that beat, especially because he was a middle-aged man. But these guys who attacked him, "Golden Eagle" recently murdered friends. They too can understand.
Snitsarchuk and Chornovil anything similar is not engaged. Snitsarchuk, as I recall, just hit by titushek during shooting, as would suffer any journalist, appeared in its place, and was engaged in anti-corruption investigations Chornovol billions.

 - Why Yanukovych and Kurchenko - a "family" and "oligarchs" and Taruta and Kolomoysky - "honest businessmen who create jobs and attract investment in Ukraine» (© honest businessman Poroshenko)?

Honest oligarchs do not happen. They are all each other's faces. But in the last two times does a political necessity. Territories to which they appoint, the Kremlin will likely not be able to capture, since the oligarchs will fight for their loot to last.

 - Why in Kosovo directive branch after the bloody conflict - is a democracy, and in the Crimea referendum without changing the status of the bloody conflict - is unconstitutional separatism?

No democracy in Kosovo. Serbs were stupid at the time to call for help Russia, and that's paid. More such nonsense will not do.
And in the Crimea, no not unconstitutional separatism, and the usual occupation of the neighboring state.

 - Why in the country, claiming the "European" is not only journalists and politicians, but even the "experts" allow themselves to be identified federalism and separatism?

Because in terms of Ukraine federalism means rapid or gradual capture "federaliziruyuschihsya" in Russia. Well, no luck for us and for the Ukrainians with their neighbors, what to do?

 - Why Ukrainian TV, you can not lie, and the Russian - no?

No one can not lie. But Russian TV - the champion.

 - Why a lot of people worn with fetishes "unity and indivisibility of the country", if any arguments in favor of the indivisibility than raising your voice and chanting spells "we are united and indivisible", no one leads and can not lead?

As it does not? Here you have the most important argument: together easier to defend from Russia.
By the way, where the arguments in favor of the indivisibility of Russia? Go ahead, please separate Ichkeria! Crimea never fought for the Independence their, and we fought. So, we have more rights.

 - Why saying "hto ne skache, that Moskal" leaflets "here meshkayut Muscovites", the creation of the draft law on languages ​​Fahrion hands-Matios-Yavoriv-Koshulinskogo "with the participation of" Fabricant - is not extremism and Russophobia and rallies chanting "Russia! "- this is extremism?

Moskal - a Russian chauvinist. Russian local and sympathizers free Ukraine Russians no Muscovites not name-calling.
Flyers - is, in my opinion, fake, it will be necessary to clarify.
The law takes no Fahrion and even manufacturers, and the parliament majority. Write a bad bill - it will not be accepted.
Rallies chanting "Russia!" - This is not extremism, as in the word "Russia" there is nothing extremist. It is a call to the Russian occupation of Ukraine.

 - Why looting and banditry "self-defense" and Euromaidan right sector - a "fight for freedom", and attempts to residents of South-East to protect yourself - "separatism and hooliganism»?

Looting - this is not a struggle for freedom, it's looting. Marauders we are very actively catch, no matter what the name of the organization, they can cover up. For almost all wiped out, by the way.
"Attempts to residents of southeast protect yourself" - and from whom, excuse me, they protect themselves? They did not attack anyone. So they do not protect themselves, and the right of Russia to swallow a piece of Ukraine.

Well, the most important argument. Those who stood on the Maidan, do not try to separate themselves from all over Ukraine - Lviv, Crimea, Donetsk. They, on the contrary, constantly stressed their unity with all country.
And here guys - accomplices occupier. Trying to tear off pieces of his country in favor of Russia.
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