Incredulous Aunt

I told him the words of the parents, who soon learned to read, and then I fell down with interest various interesting books.
To visit us came tёtechka, which had a great something to do with parenting. And I was three years old. And she said that I can read. And she does not believe. Parents offended starts a debate, in the midst of whose I go into the kitchen with me some plush nyamochkoy hands.
- Nastya, tell stifochek! - Says umilёnno ​​tёtechka.
- Stishochek boring - I say sternly.
- Well, you still can rafkazaaaat? - Continues tёtechka.
And then, yopt, I say:
- What you are interested in: about digestion in mammals or about the formation of peatlands in Belarus?
Nothing, of course, extreme, or even obscenities, but aunt choked so that all would even call an ambulance.


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