At the wedding of Prince William there was a plan of security in case the bride will run away

British intelligence agencies are carefully preparing security measures for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and have developed a plan of escape in the event of a bride from the wedding, according to the publication The Register.

The plan was called Operation "Berry". In the case of escape hundreds of secret service agents had to urgently switch to watchkeeping in their positions - on the formation of a cordon of protection around the fugitive bride. As Kate ran to the altar, the guards would not have to interfere with the Prince in an attempt to catch up and to keep it.

"Of course, it's a nightmare option" - confessed to a senior source in MI5. "But the plan had to be all possible circumstances, and let's face it, it was not so unlikely, right? So of course we had to get together with representatives of Clarence House (Prince Charles) and work out some solution "- he said.

The negotiations were long and in high secrecy. On the one hand they involved employees Clarence House, the other - the officers of the city police, MI5 and the army. Eventually they reached a compromise.

"In fact, they wanted us to simply prevent it from escaping, but we said you must be joking? In the United Kingdom, in front of millions of witnesses? No way "- continued the source.

"So we said, look, if she ran away, we will have to immediately it take ... maybe a helicopter from the roof, and then implement its new name and documents, well, young Bill would have to celebrate their honeymoon one", - said the representative MI5.

But, he said, members of the royal family did not like this plan. They reluctantly agreed to let Kate Middleton run. But it insisted that it is not necessary to immediately remove it by car or by helicopter, Let run through at least a little distance on their feet. After all, if Prince can catch up with her, and perhaps persuaded to return to the altar.

"But the point of the plan has caused difficulties. Now, imagine it runs out of Westminster Abbey, around the crowd, but he pursues her. Our goal is to allow it to run, and he would be able to catch up. Nightmare "- confessed to the security officer.

So, in the case of bringing the operation to allow the mission to run out of Middleton Abbey, accompanied by bodyguards, who will accompany her at a respectful distance. Police, MI5 and SAS officers in plain clothes present in the crowd will form a mobile hammer a wedge on its way to follow in order to clear the road runaway.

As for Prince William, the time he would remain small. For a while, the space behind the bride will be opened for him, so he could rush for Kate, but after this time the ranks of security personnel closeness to the border of the territory of the Abbey: because in order to provide more room for maneuver, the guards will not suffice. If their serried ranks before the prince, catching his bride, he will not be able confessed authors of the plan.

That is the length of time that will be allocated to Prince to decide on whether to prosecute or not fluent bride, become a stumbling block in the negotiations between the staff of his father and the security forces. In the end, we decided that the prince will make a decision as long as the distance between him and the bride reaches about 800 meters. However, Clarence House for the groom wanted to utter twice the distance.

"But we said, listen, let's play fair. It will be a wedding dress, and indeed the budget that we spend on salaries of employees working overtime is limited, "- said the source, perhaps hinting at the difficulties of which have said openly: developing this plan, management of special services were convinced, that the formation of long chains of protection with a significant expansion of the protected area is simply not enough people.

Therefore, it was decided that if the Prince can not intercept fluent bride Guard deems that reconciliation and the return to the altar is not possible, so the fugitive was seated in a specially prepared for this taxi, driven by a will sit operative SAS. To taxi ride took place smoothly, a cab will be accompanied by several police cars that seem to randomly come close and form a protective cordon around the runaway car.

But if William, Kate catches up, he is allowed to make an attempt to return the bride to the altar. But in this case, the time factor is important. "We are forced to Clarence House to reduce the duration of the scene for a few minutes, agreeing to put the crowd several dummy viewers who have cried out:" Well, darling, kiss is it! ", Urging the fugitive back to the altar," - he told the informant .

The Royals, of course, hoped that the operation "Berry" is not required, but realize that if the bride is trying to escape from the wedding, the wedding on television ratings will be even higher.

When asked what the plan was ready in case you have from the wedding the groom escaped, the source said, "Yes, stop. We plan to only what makes sense. He does not want to re-establish it as his personal life! ยป.

But in the American Time magazine asked the question: why would Kate, who for so many years waiting for the prince proposals would run away from the wedding? "There are a myriad of reasons why a mentally healthy person would not marry a representative of the family, like William, but we suspect that if the bride has decided to run away, it is because the assigned title of Duchess. Spend so much time and effort, but did not become a princess? We would run away in its place "- note the analysts of the American magazine.




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