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sergeydolya: If you have ever flown on an airplane, you have been in the airport, sitting in the waiting room, ate buns at a local cafe ... but there were you in a separate terminal for business aviation, from oligarchs to fly a private jet?
Today, I am completing a series of articles "Airport in terms of ..." fasting passenger ...

The airport can be reached either by car:

Either by train:

Upon entering the terminal building, you find yourself in the central hall:

If you come early and check your flight has not started yet, you can sit in one of the lounges:

The airport medical team is on duty around the clock, ready to provide medical assistance (I was shooting here at 5 am):

If you are traveling with a baby, you'd better just to wait in the room mother and child. It is spacious and comfortable sofas:

Many passengers prefer to wrap your luggage film, trying to keep it clean:

Sign up, you can either alone using guns:

Or go to the bar where you will meet the airport and airline employees:

With you on the plane can carry only hand luggage. The main luggage is necessary to hand. In a special label pasted and sent to the luggage compartment. The fact that it comes with a suitcase, I wrote in the article Airport in terms of suitcases:

Oversized (large) or fragile luggage pass on a separate rack:

If you were late to the airport and check in for your flight has been completed, but the plane had not yet departed, you can register through a rack of registration of passengers latecomers:

By registering, you will have to go through the inspection zone:

If employees have any doubts, they may invite the handler with a dog:

If you have a few minutes before boarding the plane, you can use the Internet:

See a movie in a special DVD-Bar:

Go shopping:

Or sit in a cafe:

At the appointed time you walk into the plane, you will be welcomed attendants:

If for any reason your flight is canceled or delayed, you can use the services of Aerotel. Reception desk is located right at the airport:

Business-class passengers were recorded on a separate rack (see. The title photo) and invited the business lounge:

Typically, in such halls can free snack, drink and drink:

Virtually any airport offers even more service to VIP-escort:

In this case, you will not be registered with the others, but inside the "Hall of officials and delegations." You will be prompted to sit down in a chair, you have taken away the documents and register you without your participation:

In contrast to the business lounge food and drinks are paid:

Personal searches are the same as in the common room. No concessions. But the aircraft is withdrawn at the last moment, and if he is not at the apron, then transported on a separate bus.

Flies through the VIP-zone, even nicer than fly. You will be met directly at the plane and taken to the VIP-hall, where you will wait for an employee of the hall will be held for you passport control and get your bags:

If you do not like crowds and cramped conditions of regular flights, you can purchase or rent a private jet:

In this case, you will be registered for the flight in a separate terminal:

There are larger than in the VIP-hall, and better furniture:

In the article "The airport in terms of the pilot" I showed the room where the pilots prepare for flight. The business also has a terminal briefing room where the pilots are prepared:

In his own plane you will be comfortable sofas. From their usual differ only belts:

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