The best airports in the world: 2014 (11 photos)

Often the hallmark of a big city is becoming the airport: it is the first thing travelers see immediately after arrival, where they spend long hours waiting for their flight, so that one should not underestimate its importance.

Influential British company Skytrax, specializing in the study of the quality of services provided by various airlines and airports, has published the traditional ranking of the best airports in the world.

The survey involved nearly 85 million passengers 12 more than 110 different nationalities, who evaluated 40 airports around the world for 40 categories (services, shopping, security, immigration control and other).

The top ten airports in 2014 is as follows:
10. London Heathrow Airport

Passengers per year: 69, 4 million.

Advantages and even the Mayor of London Boris Johnson said that the airport "makes a terrible impression of the UK tourist", yet he managed to get into the top 10 Skytrax.

The third-busiest in 2011, this airport was the winner in the category of "best shopping" and "The Best Terminal". After 19 years of design and construction of the terminal T5, which opened in 2008, it spent about $ 6, 2 billion.

Heathrow has received 4 to 5 stars by Skytrax star ratings system for its ease of use of the airport available flight information, public transport, the efficiency of the airport staff and much more.

9. Vancouver International Airport

Passengers per year: 18 million.

Advantages: This is the least busy of all the airport 10 winners, which is famous for its Museum of Folk Art of the Pacific coast of Canada.

For the fourth consecutive year, Vancouver Airport becomes the best airport in North America and it is worth the investment money into it to expand the territory (about $ 1, 4 billion). The quality of the airport staff has also received high praise. Volunteers in green uniforms help tourists find their way at the airport terminal.

8. Zurich Airport

Passengers per year: 24, 8 million.

Advantages: Zurich Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in Switzerland. In 2003 the building of the airport has been greatly expanded: a new terminal was built and running underground, fully automated train called Skymetro, which brings travelers to the city.

Located 11 kilometers north of the center of Zurich airport has been praised by Skytrax for the organization of security, immigration control, and much more.

Also at the airport, you can use the services of a porter who for a fee will deliver luggage to any destination.

7. The Beijing Capital International Airport

Passengers per year: 78, 7 million.

Advantages: airport passes about 78 million people a year and is the second busiest airport in the world, behind first place Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, Jackson.

That is why building a new Beijing airport, which by its scale will exceed JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Airport together.

The tallest building in the capital - Terminal 3 received the award in the category "The Best Terminal". The opening of the terminal in 2008 had at the time of the Beijing Olympics.

Beijing Langham Place is named the second best airport hotel in the world.

6. Tokyo International Airport / Haneda Airport

Passengers per year: 62, 6 million.

Advantages: With the opening of the third international terminal at Haneda Airport in 2010 can receive up to 90 million passengers a year.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced plans to expand the new terminal, and in March 2014 was built additional parking, 8 outputs and a hotel.

Japanese airport was voted best agency Skytrax local airport in the world and has received high praise for the cleanliness of terminals, shops and places of safety of passengers.

5. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Passengers per year: 49, 8 million.

Advantages: Schiphol opening took place in 1916, and at first it was a military airfield, which is then turned into one of the busiest airports in the world.

While waiting for departure, travelers can order a massage, play poker in a casino, or read a book in the library of the airport.

Schiphol is also renowned for excellent restaurants, shops and many other amenities.

4. The Hong Kong International Airport

Passengers per year: 53, 3 million.

Advantages: This is the most vibrant airport, which is a five-hour flight from half the world's population.

Hong Kong Airport has been praised for the speed of baggage delivery, restaurants, shops, and clean rooms.

In March 2012, the airport was equipped with a third runway.

And to pass the time when a flight is delayed, passengers can go to the 9-hole golf course.

3. Munich Airport

Passengers per year: 37, 8 million.

Advantages: In the second busiest airport in Germany, you can see one of the most beautiful terminals, where the walls and ceilings are made of glass that visually expands the building.

From the airport to the center of Munich can be reached in 45 minutes by train, which was recognized as the best in Europe. Appreciation airport received for its restaurants and shopping centers.

2. Incheon International Airport

Passengers per year: 39, 2 million.

Advantages: the largest airport in South Korea, serving more than 70 airlines. It is one of three airports that have received evaluation "five stars" by Skytrax.

From 2005 to 2012 Incheon Airport headed ranking of the best airports in the world, according to the Airports Council International.

In this relatively young airport, which was opened in March 2001, there is a Museum of Korean culture. During his appearance, purity, recreation, access to the Internet and local food restaurants Airport was praised by Skytrax.

1. Changi International Airport

Passengers per year: 46, 5 million.

Advantages: To reduce stress during flights, to the services of visitors to the airport was built an outdoor pool, a butterfly garden and created a lot of greenery.

For travelers who prefer to expect the flight at the airport, provided cinemas, spas, showers. Children come to the delight of hills with a height of four-story house.

Changi Airport for the second year in a row was named the best in the world, was praised for the organization of security, leisure, immigration control and cleanliness.


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