Airport from the perspective of the aircraft. Part 2 (35 pics + text)

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Today, I continue the story of what happens to a plane at the airport. We show how to carry out planned maintenance as pour icing fluid and how escorted in flight ...

If the aircraft requires routine inspection, it is towed to the hangar aircraft maintenance base (ATB) airport. It is divided into several large sections and the interior, one of which is called the "wheel portion." There repair of aircraft wheels. Before you get there, I was warned that I did not say in the word "tire", as for him, I immediately "get a mount between the eyes." Saying it is necessary to "wheel station»:

The disc plane, unlike the automobile, component:

It bears the insane amount of bolts. To manually turn on the Do not remove, there is a special machine, which makes it at the same time. Furthermore, for each type of wheel you need your effort when tightening bolts. It can be put on the machine in accordance with the specification:

Different wheels different attachments:

Apparatus for otpeskostruivaniya drives. Because the hose is fed sand at high speed and old paint peels from the disk:

Basically hangar going maintenance and repair of aircraft:

I was allowed to get up under the roof of the ATB. Go here scary:

Like the previous poster from:

Engines that are ready to be installed on the aircraft after repairs:

Hangar closed huge gates that move down towards the rails:

During the stay of the aircraft on the wings, the tail and the fuselage can accumulate snow or frost formed. For the icing of the aircraft at the airport has a fleet of special vehicles:

The operator climbs into the cab and operates a hose:

To the operator accidentally hit the plane, at the end of the boom has 3 red mustache sensor. As soon as the antenna touches anything, the arrow momentarily stops:

On one plane takes, on average, about 200 liters of liquid, at the rate of one liter per square meter. The pressure is very strong:

Is treated as the wings and tail surfaces, depending on the fact that the processing ordered aircrew:

Thereafter, the aircraft should be at the typewriter «Follow me» taxiing to a runway and fly away. Together with us during the filming was representative of the airline «Emirates", sees off his plane in flight:

The next article in the series "The airport in terms of ..." will be dedicated to the passengers.


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