Airport from the perspective of the aircraft. Part 1 (39 pics + text)

The last part:
Airport in terms of the suitcase (42 pics + text)
Airport from the point of view of the pilot (44 pics + text)
Airport in terms of tomatoes (41 pics + text)
Airport in terms of the manager (33 pics + text)

Every day airplanes fly to Domodedovo. Here they take, escorted to the parking, clean debris from the interior, refuel, repair, treated with anti-icing fluid and escorted in flight. Today I will tell about all these procedures more ...

Arriving and departing aircraft at any time, and the spectacle is fascinating:

Before the runway is equipped with lights and navigation equipment, on which the plane comes in to the runway:

On the runway and adjacent taxiing aircraft moving on the instructions of the controller UDHR and the platform (the rest of the territory of the airport) according to the manager of the organization indicating the ground movement and a special machine «Follow me»:

These cars get off in "flocks" in anticipation of the next aircraft:


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