Airport from the point of view of the pilot (44 pics + text)

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Airport in terms of the suitcase (42 pics + text)

But Sergei share continues to tell:
Together with the pilots of S7 Airlines, I arrived at the airport Domodedovo, passed a medical examination, pre-flight briefing, met with flight attendants, received permission to take off, hire a minibus to the aircraft, held them to be examined, start the engine and flew away ... nowhere. However, the whole process of preparation for the flight, I took a picture ...

Pilots come to the premises via a separate entrance to the terminal building. Just like everyone else, they are a complete inspection:

The airport is divided into two zones: the clean and the dirty. Clean Zone - a zone inside the airport, which can be accessed only after passing inspection. The rest of the terminal building is called a dirty area:

Immediately after viewing the entire crew passes a medical examination:

Here, pilots receive flight mission, which will be made a mark on the rest of the flight. A medical examination can take place no earlier than 2 hours before departure and no later than one hour. The doctor measures pressure and pulse. He looks to pilot and evaluate its condition. If you suspect may be conducted more tests:

In the next room senior flight attendants receive kits. After the flight, they give them back. Content kits is constantly updated, and a special doctor ensures that all the drugs were to date Neither the date:

After a medical examination pilots descend one floor down and enter the briefing room:

At the end of the hall, in the box, the co-pilot received the documentation on the plane in a suitcase impressive size. It always has an assistant commander. A kind of hazing:

In the middle of the room stands a large table at which pilots ready to fly. Learn route documents approach procedures at the airport of destination, check the weather forecast on the route, choosing the best route, determine the amount of fuel required, choose an alternate aerodrome, etc .:

Here you get information about the weather in all parts of the flight, wind speed and direction at altitudes possible turbulence. The entire route is divided into sections, and the pilots know in advance the expected effect of turbulence on each of them:

At S7 Airlines in the briefing room set separate table with computers where the aircraft commander (FAC) could see additional flight details:

If the commander in doubt due to weather conditions, it may consult with the duty meteorologist:

The controller on the alignment assistant commander completes and delivers a sheet with information about the flight. It entered information such as flight number, direction, board room, the weight of the loaded aircraft (AC), the overall refueling, fuel for taxiing, takeoff fuel, fuel for the flight, flight time and the number of seats. As this information is determined, where the aircraft will be the center of mass:

After the finalization of the FAC is a senior flight attendant and conducts briefings for him:

AIRBUS company philosophy is that the crew should not fly. Therefore, every time the FAC and copilot different. Same with flight attendants. They know each other already in the lounge before the flight:

Here the senior flight attendant instructs the crew:

After completing pilot training suited to the dispatcher, and tells him that he made the decision to fly:

By airplane pilots go on a special van. By the way, for the airline each such trip costs 1000 rubles:

On the territory of the apron all people should walk in green vests. Pilots no exception:

In the plane there is the ignition key, and it included a button. Conduct initial inspection of the system:

The co-pilot by inspection of the aircraft. Checks absence of checks «Remove Before Flight» on the nose landing gear, & quot; because if fitted chassis do leave:

Visually inspect the nose for damage:

It checks the status of the sensors. In no case should not be iced:

Technical door must be kept tightly closed:

Visually inspect the blades of the engine:

If they iced over, then call a technician and warmed them:

The filling hatch (black hole in the middle of the wing) must be kept tightly closed:

Inspect the mechanization of the wing and static dischargers (stick sticking out of the wing):

Inspect the engine nozzle:

Checks tail stabilizers. They should be set to 0:

Status of brake pads and shoes, parking:

After a visual inspection of the co-pilot returned to the cockpit and, together with KBC, a complete verification of on-board systems:

The plane has a crib, which is used by pilots:

When operating correctly, no light should not burn:

Check all fuses:

In the case of strong sun pilots can omit the orange curtains:

In conclusion, I want to say that the pilots of S7 Airlines Mabo Andrei Kovalenko and Alexander made me a very good impression. Calm, steady, sensible, intelligent and confident people. Somehow I quietly next to them was. The good memories remain:

The following article will "Airport in terms of the manager." I went to Domodedovo tower. Looked like controllers manage air traffic. I made some interesting shots from the balcony. By the way, the local guys said that guests from the camera they are no more than once a year. So you will find exclusive.


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