Airport from the point of view of the pilot (44 pics + text)

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Airport in terms of the suitcase (42 pics + text)

But Sergei share continues to tell:
Together with the pilots of S7 Airlines, I arrived at the airport Domodedovo, passed a medical examination, pre-flight briefing, met with flight attendants, received permission to take off, hire a minibus to the aircraft, held them to be examined, start the engine and flew away ... nowhere. However, the whole process of preparation for the flight, I took a picture ...

Pilots come to the premises via a separate entrance to the terminal building. Just like everyone else, they are a complete inspection:

The airport is divided into two zones: the clean and the dirty. Clean Zone - a zone inside the airport, which can be accessed only after passing inspection. The rest of the terminal building is called a dirty area:

Immediately after viewing the entire crew passes a medical examination:

Here, pilots receive flight mission, which will be made a mark on the rest of the flight. A medical examination can take place no earlier than 2 hours before departure and no later than one hour. The doctor measures pressure and pulse. He looks to pilot and evaluate its condition. If you suspect may be conducted more tests:


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