The pale horse of death

The command post of the New World Order

The pale horse of death: symbols of the coming New World Order


Anviktori begins a series of revelatory material on "The New World Order hoax and 2012". In them we will try to explain to our readers what the reality is behind this date why she was chosen by secret manipulators, as well as what can be expected Russia and the world in relation to the events in 2012.

As we have not once mentioned, there is a real problem in 2012, and to suggest otherwise would be, at least not honestly. However, one must clearly and clearly realize that this problem is artificial and man-made fit actual events to date, chosen the occult way. The problem created within the paradigm of the "problem - reaction - solution" is in fact a global advocacy company, but the awareness of this fact does not diminish the seriousness of the problem, as this company is one of the important steps of the globalist elite to establish a world government.

You will understand why the date of 20 December 2012, which for several years already spend too much time in the cinema, the press, the various conspiracy sites, or eschatological, in reality has little to do with the Mayan calendar, but has very different roots.

All this you know as soon as possible. Today, your attention is invited to become the first part of the cycle, during which we will tell you about the main areas of occult power on the planet, is directly related to the preparation of the events that may occur after December 2012.

Worldwide, over the past 30 years, a large number of "prophetic" artifacts, heralding the onset of the New World Order.

And the greatest number of data artifacts is in the United States of America: Since the country was selected as the world behind the scenes to support embryo globalism. And that is its people destined to become his first victim, after he "hatched" into the light.

Therefore, the first article in this series will be devoted to the study of the gloomy "predictions" about the coming of the New World Order in this country.

Many in disbelief wondering: why they do it, why create a monument and its facilities cover different symbols, with the aim of creating a diversion, allowing people to anticipate their gloomy plans (such as it was before 9/11), why do they allow themselves to disclose before they carry out their plan?

The answer to this is quite simple: they want to give people the appearance of inevitability of what is happening, they sow the seeds of passive fatalism and suppress the will. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that we are dealing with the followers of satanic religion that, like everyone else, implies the existence of symbolism, places of worship and, of course, "prophecy».

Their religion, which remained for centuries a mystery to most people, today is preparing to reveal themselves openly, that's why we often encounter around them places of worship of the religion, as well as encounter with strange at first glance, "prophetic" leaking information about the sinister plans of its adherents, with the help of which they try to prove to people that their beliefs are true.

Article One: The Secret of the Denver airport

(The Denver International Airport of the New World Order)

Anyone who falls into the airport in Denver, Colorado, is likely to be shocked by what they saw. This place is the subject of much suspicion and questions to which the answer is no. All buildings are literally permeates the dark and inexplicable symbolism conspicuous to everyone.

Denver International Airport was opened in 1995, despite the fact that there already functioned major airport Stapleton (Stapleton). Its creators convince the public of the necessity of building a new airport, resulting in such arguments that the town needs a new airport, which will be able to pass higher passenger numbers, will technically more advanced and more convenient for passengers.

However, the newly built airport, if superior to the old, so it is his enormous worth $ 4 billion at 1994 prices, and huge by area (twice the area of ​​Manhattan). Maybe it was required to place his runways as the Nazi swastika (yes, if you look at the complex with the help of google maps, is easy in this see for yourself), however, even with this totally unique location of its runways bands available to DIA (Denver International Airport) is still a huge area.

As for the rest, the new airport has less runway than Stapleton, fewer gateways 111 against 84, located far from the city (25 miles), which leads to some questions as to whether, had there build a new airport in Denver aims hide something else.

Explanation fragment program "Conspiracy Theory" with Jesse Ventura (all of it you can see at the end of the article in English)

Jesse Ventura met builder underground bunkers Camden Brian (Brian Camden).

Jesse: What is the biggest bunker in the US you know?

Brian: I can not say to the camera. But I can say that over the past 10 years, the US government is actively building underground shelters.

Jesse: how big is the biggest bunker? I did not ask where he is.

Brian: The biggest what I know about 100 000m2. It was built by the government, in the Midwest (Colorado is Ed.), It is designed specifically for the 2012, and is under government buildings.

Group member Jesse: But, if you are building an underground shelter, because it is impossible to hide. It will be in fact a lot of any technology that can not go unnoticed.

Brian: No, if you are building for the existing buildings, which occupy 4.5 square miles. If you are building a very big airport, it will be very easy to build a shelter for them.

Group member Jesse: This is a hint?

Brian: Yes.

The fact that Brian hinted at the airport in Denver, there was no doubt. This airport, which was built underground beneath the shelter, saying for many. There is reason to believe that an underground base NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) and CMOC (Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center) on the mount (Cheyenne) Cheyenne in Colorado, 120 miles from the airport, connected with them underground tunnel.

Pale Horse Apocalypse

The horse of the Apocalypse from Denver


What is this pale horse of the Apocalypse, or the Trojan horse of the New World Order

What does it mean? The first thing came to my mind when I saw this terrible (at least for the airport), work - it was: a pale horse of the Apocalypse, the fourth horse in the book of Revelation in the Bible, whose name - death.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse, and its rider, whose name was "death"; and Hell followed with him; They were given power over a fourth of the earth - to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with the beasts of the earth.
-Revelation 6: 7-8

In other words, the horse, whose name is "Death", entails killing people weapons, hunger and disease. Pretty extreme a family airport, right? At first glance it does not seem that a horse to choose the right place. However, you soon realize that it is an excellent match with the rest of the airport.

Fact: sculpture, opened in 2008 was commissioned by the well-known for its controversial works of American sculptor Luis Jimenez Mexican descent (Luis Jimenez) in 1993, two years before the opening of the airport. He continued to work on the colossal statue until 2006, until he was killed .... fallen on him the body of his devilish horse. As a result, work on the statue being finished by his sons.

At the horse from Denver night light eye


Twenty years ago, ordinary Americans could not even imagine that in the center of the country, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, they can expect a pale horse of death. Even today, the vast majority of Americans do not wish to include the brains to ask why, devilish-looking horse with swollen veins, and red, glowing in the dark eyes meet each arriving at Denver International Airport? There are, of course, the explanation for vegetables - say, this frightening horse symbolizes a wild horse, which is depicted in the logo of the local football team "Denver Broncos". However, even a cursory glance is enough to understand these two images do not have anything in common, and the obvious fact that this sculpture its creator was invested is not positive energy. However, the mere fact of the existence of this strange work of art might be just marked as a curiosity, but on closer inspection it turns out that the horse of the Apocalypse is just one of the elements of the strange and frightening occult Masonic entourage, which literally permeated with giant buildings of the Denver airport .

It is possible that in addition to the primary objective, this complex carries himself another, hidden purpose, no less important, and perhaps more important than the main. What clearly says horse sculpture of the devil, as it is called by locals and eyewitnesses.

However, before we continue to discuss in detail the grim symbolism scattered everywhere here, we first focus on the numbers.

Believe me, here too, there is a lot of interesting:

Facts: Denver International Airport - the only major airport in the United States, built over the last 25 years, with an area of ​​33, 457 acres (twice the area of ​​Manhattan), which is much larger than that of any other airport in the United States.

Due to its cost of $ 4.8 billion in 1994 prices, (it exceeds the original estimate of $ 2 billion dollars), the airport is without a doubt one of the most important sites in the world.

The length of the conveyor lines for transporting luggage and underground roads for baggage conveyors, which are hidden in special tunnels, is 19 miles (30 km). They are so great that through them can safely pass the trucks, many of them still remain unused.

The roof, an area of ​​60 thousand. M2, made of woven fajberglass coated with Teflon, would serve as a whimsical backdrop for any film like "Dune", because it is composed of a plurality of genital structures, similar to the tent.

The airport is equipped with a fiber-optic connection in a total length of 5,300 miles. It is longer than the Nile River, and approximately equal to the distance in a straight line from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina! The airport also has a communication network in the length of 11,365 miles of copper cable. No other airport in the United States and probably in the rest of the world, even more lively than the DIA, do not have anything similar.

Despite the fact that the valley, where the complex is located, almost flat (with stunning views of the Rocky Mountains), considerable time was spent in the construction of the fact that some areas significantly reduce soil, and raise others. They moved 110 million cubic yards of soil! Incidentally it is about one-third of the amount of soil that was moved during construction
Panama Canal. I have not heard of such a bulk earthworks, the construction of any other airports. And you?

Meanwhile, it is known that at the airport is a huge underground complex.

For the construction of each part of the complex of individual contractors were hired, with all of them was to terminate the contract immediately after they have done their job. Many skeptics claim that this was done in order to hide the second and main purpose of the project.

The fuel system is able to pump 1,000 gallons of jet fuel per minute through a network of pipelines, stretching 28 miles. There is also a 6 huge fuel tanks, each of which contains 2, 73 million gallons of jet fuel. It is completely absurd for ordinary commercial airport. I wonder why they are all?

Granite, valued at 2 billion (!) Dollars that was used in the decoration, imported from all parts of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America: it is made from the floor of the main terminal. Sex for two billion ?! Is not it ridiculous spending, especially when you and so do not fit into the budget. The creators of the airport say that "... the pattern floor echoes the design of the roof and on a subtle level supports the flow of passengers' current on the granite floor." Yes, yes, the very same subliminal messages and strange writings on the floor ... but, I suppose, that the floor would look no worse than if the material was brought to him from somewhere closer. Many of us will be able to distinguish the Chilean granite from the Chinese? Yes, and how many people are generally thought as to what it is made from the floor: because they just need something to walk on it and do not be late for your flight. Interestingly, it is thought by people who believe that the stones have the power (I mean the belief system a member of various secret societies)?

However, the most interesting part of this at all, it's shocking murals, mysterious signs and inscriptions on the known and unknown languages, on the walls, the floor, and strange artifacts located inside and outside. Take a look at all this and decide for yourself whether there is any need for them to own airport?

A lot of people are convinced that the Denver International Airport (DIA) was built for the new world order. They are convinced that the DIA will have to serve as the headquarters of the new world order, as well as underground shelters for the elite, the military base and a giant concentration camp death. This reality means that the DMA can also serve as a center for the mass extermination of the New World Order.

interesting: Famous TV host Jesse Ventura (Jesse Ventura) in his transfer on the problem in 2012, argues that Denver Airport was built with the sole purpose to disguise the construction of the huge complex of underground structures, built as a refuge for members of the American elite. As well as the command center of the Western sector of the New World Order.
Plaque (capstone) in Denver


However, the airport is unusual not only from above, because in addition to the utilitarian load this complex bears also obvious occult. The prophetic symbolism of the dark cult, which tells us of the approach of the New World Order (in which the entire population of the earth will be united under a single world government), literally pervades the entire complex. If you open a site search engine GOOGLE and dial there are two words «denver airport», the search engine here in the first line helpfully offer you «denver airport conspiracy» (conspiracy Airport Denver), and after the rest (schedule, map, hotels , weather). This is because, since its inception, the airport in Denver was the cause of many speculations, rumors, versions, most of which converge in the fact that the airport in Denver is one of the symbols of the onset of the global order, which comes after the world's elite get a planet mass genocide, which resulted in the world's population will be reduced to 500 million people.
The upper part of a memorial plaque in Denver. By the way, do you happen to know the language of newcomers?


Unexplained signs and symbols on the floor and walls of buildings lead to confusion visitors. For example, the most prominent place in the main hall of the airport, which by the way, like the halls of meetings in Masonic lodges called the Great Hall, is something similar to remote control a futuristic starship aliens from a distant planet, which on closer inspection turns out to be a plaque, however, also very strange:

Even more surprising inscription on the board, signed by some of the New World Airport Commission. Have you heard of this organization before? No? I too ... Because of such an organization does not exist in nature. Then why it appears on a plaque as the creator of the airport?
Below the inscription is visible & quot; The Commission for the construction of the new airport of the world & quot;


What does it mean Austrailian Antigen or gold and silver?


Granite floor Airport also laced with strange symbolism, many strange characters particularly attracted our attention one of them: a plate on which are written the letters AU AG, some believe that these letters mean just gold and silver. Maybe, but - one of the sponsors of the new airport is a Nobel laureate in Medicine Baruch Samuel Blumberg (Baruch Samuel Blumberg), opened a new deadly disease called Australian antigen, you have probably already guessed that he, too, called AU AG. Coincidence?



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