Volcano Kluchevskoy.

Taken from dementievskiy.

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When I corresponded with a colleague from Thermal, Denis said that we have a chance to see a volcanic eruption. Honestly, I did not attach much importance. And even when we were shaking all day by jeep, making his way to the Klyuchevskoy, I was thinking about something else. But come the moment when late at night, we climbed the steep road to the next hill and saw an eruption ...
Until Klyuchevskoy volcano was far away, even in the telephoto, she was little, and even a few minutes later, the clouds completely hid the sight of us. But then it became clear that all plans are changed, we will watch the light to the last, and wait for the moment when the volcano we will ...

Even in the dark, we got to the house, which at that time was part of a group of volcanologists (they themselves were camped somewhere closer to the volcano, and assistant and climber, was at base camp).
Put up a tent, I lay down to sleep, I had a fever, snot, and on top of all this, acclimatization. Children up to three nights running around the tent, removing the volcano, and when got into the sleeping, I got already, and now I could not sleep
In the morning dropped heavy fog, we collected mushrooms julienne cooked and finished off supplies of beer - nothing should not hinder us on the set! By evening, the weather began to build, and on the night we went to the open air. Climbing higher, we found quite a convenient point for shooting. However, a strong and cold wind forced us to split up. Denis went outside the tent, the others tried to shoot. It was very difficult to achieve sharpness in photos, the wind is constantly rocking the photo equipment, a tripod is not much help.

In the morning we went towards Tolbachik, near the lake and met two groups of tourists went down. The weather was excellent and Kluchevskaya was opened. During the day, we can only observe the emission of ash, lava flows are not seen, but on this day they were apparently very strong. When one of them reached the glacier, he struck up a huge column of ash and steam, even at first we thought it was another eruption ...
The place was so successful for the shooting and camp that we moved here, and the remaining two days and three nights guarded light on this point.

Our camp on the background of Tolbachik.

The column of ash that the gray, and the left column of steam arising from the collision of ice and lava.

While the guys were not, I shot one, and around me literally galloping herd of hungry and arrogant evrazhek, one of them even tried on the tooth is one of the tripods.

The next day, nothing special (in terms of visual effects) is not remembered. The sky was overcast, but very often we heard the roar and explosions, but to see what is happening there, there was no way. And in the evening the wind changed direction and began to reach the outskirts us ash from the volcano.

In the last day of the "duty" we are very lucky in the evening the sky cleared and we were able to fully enjoy the sight and shoot. First, the snowy peaks of the sun blazing fire, and after a short time after sunset, we can already observe the lava emissions. At some point it got cold in the tents so that frost was formed, but by 4 am warmer. That's as many dispersed most persistent photographers.

This frame is made in 4 hands. While my Pentax 67II catch light (I was shooting cable), Julia and I were looking for experimentally we needed exposure. I was standing with a stopwatch, Julia held the button

And in the morning it was grim. Just for a moment the sun seeped through the thick clouds.

Gorely volcano.

In the past year I have been on this volcano. Then we walked around there is great - lucky with the weather. I was told that now the activity of the volcano has increased, at night there are interesting effects and decided to go there.
Arriving in the evening to the beginning of the trail leading to the top, we found the last of tourists coming down from the top. Our idea was that it would rise in the twilight, to shoot at night and wait for dawn at the top. We needed a custodial light. More troubled forecast, the front was coming to Kamchatka, so we decided not to wait, and that same evening to climb.

The rise of this volcano, in principle, not difficult, and we are in no hurry (all night), and where the two hours were on the edge of the crater (them there are two) with fresh-water lake. By this time it was night, and by the acid lake could be considered purple glow. The wind blew constantly acidic evaporation side. Assessing the situation, we decided to try to go to the crater with the acid lake and look at what was happening on the other side ...
It was a bit scary when we walked along the edge of the crater. On the one hand in the glow of lights flashed land and a half away on the other, there was an abyss.
Without any difficulties we went around the crater, coming to the place of an acid lake. The spectacle opened unforgettable. If somewhere on the ground and there is a hell, then one of those places we have seen at his feet.

Filming was very difficult, the wind was so strong that even leaning all his weight on the tripod, it was impossible to ensure that the camera is stationary. Then, when viewing photos, it turned out that very few sharp shots. Well that takes quite a lot has been done.
After a couple of hours of waiting, the crater reached the first portions of the fog, and the fog was sucked into the hole, which immediately began to rise pairs, soon a haze all around. Breathing was nothing in a hurry and we uprooted. Soon we fell very dense fog, and it became clear that the dawn we will have met the bottom ...
And here are some shots of Gorely from last year's survey. Now, acid lake dries up, and the fresh water became dirty, all the glaciers that were there, melted.
Unfortunately, all that we could not see, as the morning began heavy rain and we had to leave.

At the bottom of the fresh water lake, and in the background above the clouds you can see the volcano Mutnovsky.

We even went down to him, and there was still snow and ice.

And this is the second lake, acid. Around the place where you can see the yellow sulfur, and there is a hole. Perhaps slightly lower. The boys say that the level of the lake has decreased greatly, apparently it is now evaporated.




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