On the bike to the volcanoes of Bali.

Today photographer - Vitaly traveler Taysaev hold us an interesting tour of the
about. Bali Batur volcano. Welcome! Friends, today we will go on a fascinating journey on the bike to the volcano Batur and see the highest volcano in Bali - Agung. Under the cut a lot of interesting pictures, the story of a properly conducted the ceremony which resulted in a terrible disaster, and of course a touch of Bali! 1. In the vicinity of the volcano lava actively use local as building material.

2. Izlivshayasya during the eruption of thick lava flowing down the slopes of fossilized surface, forming a semi-spherical or elliptical structures called "tumuli" (tumulus) .

3. Cows in Bali - a separate song. Whether a cow, or olen.

4. On the way to the volcano Batur, a breathtaking landscape on the volcano Agung (3142 meters). Volcano Agung significantly affects the climate of Bali directing air flows inland. According to the local legend, the volcano Agung God created Pasupati, splits the mountain Mahmeru (Hindu center of the universe). The volcano is considered to be the highest point of Bali. Interestingly, the direction of the huts and villages of the island is referred to as kaja - «the mountain" and kelod - «from the mountains." According to local beliefs, the volcano is the guardian spirits of the ancestors. Mount Agung is called Mother and revered as a saint. At the foot of the mountain is the temple of Mother Temple, one of the largest Hindu temples in Bali. The last time a dangerous volcano showed character in 1963. The result is incredibly powerful blast from the top of the volcano broke off a piece, and the nearby villages in the eastern part of Bali were flooded with lava. Deadly flows and ash destroyed crops and villages, killing more than 2,000 people. Many years spent on the reconstruction of the region, and the following verses are still visible. The Balinese believe that if the volcano angered by the wrong date for the grand ceremony of spiritual purification Eka Dasa Rudra, carried out once in a century. The gods were angry at the careless, and sent down a terrible revenge ...

5. After almost an hour trip on the bike, we have views of the Batur volcano and the eastern caldera, which lies in a bowl the lake of the same name - Danau Batur. According to ancient beliefs, the mirror of the lake, filled with 11 springs that seep through the earth and come to the surface in the form of sources in other parts of Bali.

6. Batur - stratovolcano, ie consisting of layers of the volcano, stratovolcanoes on Earth very much, among them such well-known volcanoes like Mount Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Avachinskaya sopka.

7. The last eruption dates back to 2000, and the very first historically recorded in 1804. 1917 was a very strong earthquake that killed more than 1,000 baliytsev.

8. Lake Batur or Danau Batur is located at the bottom of a giant crater - the caldera is the largest (8 km. Long, 3 km. Wide) and one of the most delightful lakes in Bali.
The villages along its banks, called bintang danu ("lake stars"). District Bali - Batur - was formed about 30 thousand years ago by the eruption of the giant volcano. Often, the whole area is called Kintamani, though in fact it is only one of several villages scattered along the ring of ancient kaldery.

9. The lake is very rich in fish, but not muddy and is not meant for swimming. At the foot of the volcano hit the hot springs (40-50 degree). Lake Danau Batur - the abode of Dewi Danu, the goddess of the mountain lakes, is the main shrine for baliytsev.

10. Morning view of the city Abang. In Indonesia, about 6 hours dawns utra.

11. On this panorama you can see all three mountains - Batur (1412), Abang (2151) and Agung (3142) .

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