Bali — life & leisure in Paradise

If you are a romantic and you dream to live on a fabulous island in the Indian ocean, there is no better option than Bali you will not find on the map. Here, in the high mountains and noisy waterfalls, tropical plants and the amazing nature you can find peace and comfort. Leisure and life in Bali is vivid and memorable.

A property on this magical island you can rent quite cheaply. And you are located in a luxurious Villa in two floors, with white marble columns and the same gleaming marble floors, smart furniture, swimming pool, lined with beautiful marble with clear turquoise water. Cost you will it is not more than $ 500 per month.

Sitting on the shaded terrace, you will admire the vast expanses of ocean, the roar of the surf and black volcanic sand on the beach. Every house on the island of Bali should be a small temple, so they are more than twenty thousand. On the island built majestic temples with Golden pillars and Golden statues of Buddha located at the entrance to the temples and inside them. Balinese people even built a temple of monkeys in honor of his deity Hanuman, who is considered a symbol of loyalty and courage. To fall asleep in your house, you will be under the sound of the ocean and Wake up to the polyphonic singing of the birds, well, not well?

On the island, surf schools, which are considered some of the best in the world. And tourists are attracted by the temple on the water, which can be accessed during low tide. The inhabitants of the island think they live in the greatest elephants and Bali in General, it is a model of Heaven on earth, because God wanted to show the world, what should be a heavenly life. On this island of happiness you can find peace, rest from the bustling streets and avenues of large cities.

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