Planet Arhiz

Planet Arkhyz is somewhere in the middle of the path of the Greater Caucasus.
The nature of this planet is rich in animals and plants.
Water and oxygen - in abundance.

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1) The view of Mount Hope.

Borschevik very dangerous !!! what? - Google

Mountain view Pshish

view of the lake Zagedanskie

view on the place overnight to traverse the ridge Abisher

view of the mountain pass Atsgora

view of the mountain pass Amanzauz

view from the saddle of the pass Fedoseyev.

R. Kyafar

R. Kyafar


R. Rechepsa

Only for this, you need to fly)))

parking space.

seven-colored lake.

Fish Lake.

Deep Lake.

Lake Kyafar.

Lake disastrous.

Lake Chilik.

Crater Lake.

Pass Aylyulyu.

per. Aylyulyu.

per. Karadzhash.

saddle off, pass Irkyz.

on the way to clouds.

a bit lower ...

tributary river duduk.


river Ak-Ira.

R. b. Duduk.

Saddle Pass Karadzhash.

Saddle Pass Fedoseyev.

Saddle Pass Karadzhash.

once again climb to the pass Aylyulyu.

Sofia lakes to pass Irkyz.

The Sofia lake.

Spartanovskie overnight.

Traverse Ridge Abisher-Akhtuba, view of the mountain range Arkasara.

xp Abisher-Akhtuba, views of the lake Zagedanskie.


Morning Wake up to the pass Fedoseyev, a view of the mountain range Arkasara.

I hope your holiday was not in vain))) tsvetof you, and mountain.



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