Autumn travel: 11 of the best places in Russia

Before you go into hibernation, nature arranges a farewell ball, to which we are all invited.

From Krasnaya Polyana to the Khabarovsk territory — talk about 11 parts of Russia where the Golden autumn is particularly beautiful.


Arkhangelskoye Estate

In the most famous suburban HOMESTEAD autumn is so nice and organic, like it good detail in the design. Soft light which is so loved by photographers, placed on the wall of Big Palace, playing in the curls of ancient heroes and form geometric figures, passing through the colonnade. From the buildings of the sanatorium "Arkhangelskoye" (in which is possible to treat the body and to organize thoughts) — wonderful views of the old channel of the Moscow river, forests and meadows on the opposite Bank.


Saint Petersburg

Famous palaces in the suburbs of St. Petersburg is beautiful at any time of the year, but in a frame of gilded foliage become even more beautiful and seem magical. Besides, with the departure of summer tourists becomes smaller, and therefore do not have to stand in long queues. When comes the Golden autumn, it is difficult to predict. Good luck — to visit the Peterhof, when the leaves have turned bright colors, and fountains is not disabled.


Pushkinskiye Gory

Where else can you admire the "lush nature of fading," as not in the family estate of Pushkin? In the Museum-estate of Mikhailovskoye in the Pskov region since the poet survived so many things, and even the house itself was rebuilt, but kept the melancholic atmosphere. Take a walk in the lilac Avenue of Anna Kern, the Apple orchard, visit a recreated study of the poet, view to the river Sorot and lake Kucan, tap of heels on the wooden bridge across the Black pond, and just be alone with the quiet beauty of Pushkin in autumn.

Pushkinskiye Gory is located 120 km from Pskov. In addition to Michael, there are other estates, the monastery, and even an ancient settlement. It is safe to come for a few days.


Tver oblast

Levitan wrote the famous "Golden autumn" on the river Sjia near the village of Ostrovno in the Tver region. However, just to repeat the path of the artist is optional. No less beauty are waiting for you in Seliger and the upper Volga lakes and the national Park "Zavidovo" — Tver oblast is famous for its forests, rivers and lakes with Islands and stretches. Catching the Golden autumn is best in late September — October. And in this time is the harvest season of cranberry and cowberry.



Another place where you should go during the autumn scenery, is also connected with the name Levitan is ples. Pretty houses are harmoniously arranged among the hills, on the waterfront at the feet of the slender birches are humble wooden boat — a small town on the Volga enchants and inspires. Great panoramic views from Cathedral mountain and mount Levitan. If walking, frozen by a sudden autumn wind, do not deny yourself the pleasure to relax in the bath.

By car from Moscow to ples to go for about 5 hours. At the same time see other sights of the Golden ring of Russia.



In the mid-to late September, alien Khibiny mountains covered stingy Northern vegetation, is impressive, almost more than in summer. Along the edges of clear lakes among the dark firs flash of bright yellow birches. Mosses, lichens, blueberry leaves and timid bushes, rise from under the stones, — everything becomes colorful. Note: in September in the form of snow may fall, but the rain will almost certainly. To wait out bad weather in Kirovsk or hotel in the mountains.

The nearest airport is located in Murmansk.



The autumn Arkhyz — a truly luxurious decor. On the mountain slopes flow down like streams of gold interspersed with rubies, garnets and malachite. But the nature of these places of the shrew. It is considered that the autumn in the mountains — off season, and the probability of rain. For those who are willing to risk for the sake of luxurious landscapes, tell: come in Arkhyz best in late September — early October. The most courageous take the clothes from the rain and climb high into the mountains. You can just settle in the village of Arkhyz, to hear the rustling of the river Big Zelenchuk and you can enjoy horse riding or Hiking in the colorful surroundings.

Within easy reach from the airport Mineral Waters.


Krasnaya Polyana

If you prefer to enjoy the autumn mountains in the resort with developed infrastructure — in Krasnaya Polyana. From Sochi city centre to the station of Rosa Khutor train "Swallow" will take 1 hour 20 minutes. Staying at the hotel with a great view, first on the nimble lift and climb the ridge Aibga, to make sure that top view is even better. Continue session "genoterapii" on one of the equipped trails for Hiking. Reward yourself with a vacation at the beach rose farm: lying in a sunbed, can be considered mixed forest on the slopes — unless of course you arrive about the middle of October.



In Karelia the perfect time — the Indian summer, which falls in the beginning or middle of September. The first cool shooing the gnats and mosquitoes that plagued the summer. But still warm enough for long walks and even for relaxing on the water. You can gather a basket of mushrooms, eat cranberries and cranberries (and blueberries, if you're lucky), try your hand at kayaking or simply boating. Alas, the fertile time is fleeting: at the end of September can be cold and dank.


Khabarovsk Krai

In September, the Khabarovsk Krai leave the heat and humidity, and it's the correct time for trips outside the city. At least you need to climb the Small ridge Khekhtsir around the city, to breathe the clean autumn air, and have a picnic. If we limit ourselves to immediate surroundings — not your choice, you can rent a car and on a long journey: down the Amur to the village Lidoga continue through the stunning mountains of Sikhote-Alin to the sea of Japan. Promise: far autumn will appear before you in all its glory.


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A trip on the Circum-Baikal railway — a worthy adventure any day of the year. But in the fall there is so beautiful that the camera is generally easier to clean. Some enthusiasts do the 84-kilometer route from Kultuk to port Baikal on foot — directly on the rails to enjoy the beauty of the coastal strip sandwiched between the mountains and the deepest lake on the planet. Good continuation of the program is to spend a week on shaman Olkhon island, which at the end of the season is deserted and therefore even more mysterious.published




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