"The thousand test" - one of the toughest tests in the spiritual world

Athletes can learn from the humble Japanese monahov

In the foothills of Mount Hiey that to the northeast of Kyoto, is a huge temple complex called enryaku-ji, who 12,000 years. The monks of the Tendai-shu, who live in this place, better known to the world as "marathon monks" for his amazing physical feats that can shame even Olympic athletes.

Not all monks are Enrayyakudzhi Tendai-shu. Only some of them have special permission to "test the thousand," one of the toughest tests in the spiritual world, which lasts for seven years, during which the monk must pass a distance approximately equal to the circumference of the globe.

In this test of physical and psychological endurance, monk travels to worship Fudo-Mi-O, the central deity of the Tendai and visiting a number of religious objects located on Mount Hiei. Selected monks called "ya-" during the years of pilgrimage, they visited 250 places on Mount Hiei, one of the three largest sacred sites in Japan.

During a pilgrimage to the monks have to pass a total of 1000 marathon distances. It is a feat that seems impossible.

Gait pilgrims while driving is very specific. They did not run, but an ordinary person would have to run to keep up with them. They do not have to go too fast, because it does not seek to exhaust itself. The very same walking is a type of meditation, posture while it is of great importance. Monks always keep your back and hips vertically, and go so that their hats barely swaying while walking, even if the road is rough.

During the first three years of testing ya- should take place from 30 to 40 km per day, for 100 days in a row, regardless of weather conditions. In the fourth and fifth years, the number of days of pilgrimage increased to 200. When the monks go, they sometimes make stops in special, sacred places where the chant and pray. These places are sacred waterfalls, streams, wells, churches.

In the fifth year of testing the monks begin the post, which is called "up-iri." On the last day of the post they are so weak that they need the help of other monks to stay on their feet.

In the sixth year of the monks are 60 kilometers of 100 consecutive days.

On the seventh year they have 100 days are 84 kilometers.

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