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Four-wheel drive car GAZ-2330 "Tiger" - the development of "gas" - by far the largest and most powerful SUV in Russia in the class of SUVs. It can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

Independent torsion bar suspension of all wheels and a powerful engine provides exceptional cross-country car on the roads and speed up to 140 km / h on the highway. Due to reduction gears ground clearance reserves as much as 400 mm. "Tiger" is able to force the water obstacles to a depth of 1 m 2. The car has an automatic centralized regulation of air pressure in the tires, depending on the road surface. If the machine overcomes the sand dunes, it is enough knopkina pressing the front panel to reduce the specific pressure. And then patency "Tiger" is comparable to the cross-track machine.

Power steering makes the car very easy to drive. Brakes Hydraulic with pneumatic booster. "Tiger" is equipped with a transfer case, permanent all-wheel drive with locking center differential to force and cross-axle differentials increased friction.
For the car developed different body types: all-metal four-passenger, eight-armored and double version with a cargo platform and canvas top. Armored version is made of high strength steel plates, which are capable of withstanding an explosion of anti-personnel mine and shot at point blank range with a machine gun caliber 7, 62 mm. Load the car 1, 5 tons.

The front seats are separated by a casing acting interior of the engine, which serves as a table. Behind the metal body arranged in a chair or on the sides of the seat. The driver's seat is very comfortable and easily adjustable. Due to the relatively high landing provides excellent visibility. For the driver sitting behind the wheel of "Tiger", almost any obstacle loses its significance, whether the rise slope of 30 degrees, beam and uneven height level gauge when cornering, potholes and pits.

The car "Tiger" is able to work in virtually any environment, whether it's thirty-degree frost or heat pyatidesyatigradusnaya almost one hundred percent humidity. It was originally designed based not only on the Russian climate, but also on the operating conditions in the Middle East. "Tiger" meets the modern requirements on ecology EURO-2.


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