Tips astrologer: that harmony reigned in the house.

Returning to work from a long trip, even from friends or acquaintances, we hurry home. That's how people that he wants to create for itself a place in the world where it will be comfortable and cozy. Everything here should be happy, to fill the new force, to give peace of mind. These must be our house or apartment.

Many of us have their own living space, but we do not always feel it spiritual comfort and grace. Often in the apartment all there, with both modern and beautiful and fashionable, but something is still wrong.

In nature, everything must be in perfect harmony. So something in the harmony of this house is broken. It is necessary to determine the cause, correct it, to live happily.

The nature of our world, not only physical, but also energy. This statement is for anybody not a secret. So, all that we see around us - it's not just the physical body and material objects, but also bundles of energy.

And the energy of this living - it is constantly transformed, moves, interacts with other energies.

The ancient people feel around the live energy, realized that with everything that surrounds us, we must behave like living beings.

We need to think about the house in which we live, based on the fact that the house also has its own soul, he also needs attention. And when we forget about the soul when we are inattentive to her, do not care about it - the soul is torn, suffering.

Did you notice that something does not work at work, health problems, not everything is in order in his personal life, in financial matters, despite the fact that everything seems to be doing as well as before? Most likely, to solve such a problem can be a very simple way: bring your home into compliance with the recommendations of astrology.

How to help your home and yourself?

In the universe every moment something is changing. Replaced the lunar rhythms, energy, around us; It is changing along with it, our mood and health. This is because the world around us - alive.

Only inanimate freezes forever, and does not change. All life is obliged to move, to change, to flow - that is, to live. And, of course, our home, too, must change along with us - it should not freeze in the stillness, becoming a monument to the past.

If we feel the changing living soul in itself - we feel the soul and in his house. First of all, you need to get rid of old unwanted things from different rubbish accumulated in the corners, drawers, shelves. This old stuff does not breathe the house, steals his power. At the same time we are also starting to get sick.

And then should take at least for a little redecorating. And the need periodic wet cleaning already and can not speak.

Of course, there are times when we are investing heavily in the transformation of housing. But more often, making repairs in the house, not necessarily radically change his whole appearance. Better constantly a little something to update.

To begin the repair is better in the days of the Taurus on the lunar calendar. Then the repair is successful, you are less tired, avoid overvoltage both moral and physical.

At the same time we must remember that all work related to plastering, pasting and painting, is best done in the days of Air (when the Moon is in Aquarius, Libra, Gemini), can be in the days of the fire element (the Moon is in Sagittarius, Leo or Aries). < br />
In the days when the moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Water element), the paint dries bad, bad wallpaper pasted, because in the air a lot of moisture.

Do not try to impress someone new look apartment, remember that you're doing it for yourself, so keep in mind the habits and characteristics of the interior apartments.

Wet cleaning is necessary for all of us to do often, but not always, this work brings joy and pleasure. If you do it in one day of water at waning moon, the rest of the weekly cleaning for a month will be given to you easily and does not require much effort.

Remember that wet cleaning removes not only the dirt - the water washes away all the dark negative energy. Sometimes, if the house you come to unpleasant people enough to do wet cleaning, and the apartment will be easier to breathe, and you will improve the mood.

If you find it hard, and do not want to be in the house, try to clear it with fire. It is enough to get around the house with a lighted candle, a better church. Starting from the front door, go in a clockwise direction (you can with prayer), and the baptism candle windows and doors corners. For the purification of the energy the house select 16 lunar day. The perfect time to cleanse the house - Maundy Thursday.

Do not miss the opportunity to frequently ventilate the room in the house. The best time for this - the element of Air days and days of the element of Fire.

Washing windows - a laborious process. But to do this it is necessary that the dirty windows do not separate us from the world and from the world, so that the dirt did not stagnant energy in the house.

To avoid stains remained on the glass after washing, to do this work in the days of the elements of Air and Fire. Do not have to use expensive resources will be sufficient to add to the water to wash a little strong drink.

What should be the ideal home?

It is important to know that people of different zodiac signs are perfect house differently.

Depending on where the sun is located at the time of birth of the person, will be determined by its taste in the arrangement of the dwelling.

For example, a Gemini dream often take friends in his house, Pisces dream of a small cozy apartment where you can live quietly together, and the lion is hungry a lot of free space for its broad nature.

It must be said that such demands are made to the premises in which we work or relax.

So, in order to successfully make a career, to paint, to study science, to be happy, you must arrange the furniture, colors, different interior details on the advice of astrology.

In accordance with the lead elements, the signs are divided into four elements - fire, air, earth and water.

Element of Fire protects Sagittarius, Aries and Leos. If members of this disaster will be living in one house, then it soon will be possible to observe the scandals, quarrels and physical abuse may be, is able to Sagittarius and Aries.

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini protects the element of Air. Their accommodation will be full of fun friends, it is inherent in the disorder. But this new information, interesting ideas are born.

Element Water protects Cancers, Scorpio, Pisces. But if the representatives of the water element live together, soon in a house life stops, nothing will change. Boredom family members can become an inveterate drunkard, and modify each other.

In Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn is a leading element of the Earth. Living in the same territory, they turn your home into something like a warehouse, stocking something hiding in inaccessible places of their belongings, money, and so on. N.

Maybe you have just one of the above situations? Check is one of the predominant elements in your home.

To live under the same roof all happy that everyone was in a hurry to work for the family, it is necessary to eliminate the dominant element.

How to balance energy?

Earth element is easily possible to compensate the element of water. For example, you can think of various pleasant and equip "green corners" for each family member.

Well, if everyone would itself take care of the plants of his "corner": on the balcony, on the windowsill in the room. It is better if most of the flowers will be placed on vertical structures.

Recommended Overhaul toilet, a bathroom and a place in these areas live potted plants.

Jacuzzi, geyser bath or sauna - all this is an example of indirect connection of the element of Fire. Another very successful and interesting solution can be improvement of living fire a home fireplace. His suit of the candles.

Throughout the house to install bright fluorescent lights, UV lamps for kvartsevaniya housing. If the house and the dog fighting breeds of hounds, they are also successfully compensate the element of water.

Representatives of the elements of Fire - creative people, they would be happy to engage in active sports: running, cycling, lifting and push-ups, jumping; Better yet, if the house will be trainers.

Their zeal is better to take manual work. This cooking, painting and construction, and those activities that can be directed to charity, help relatives, neighbors.

Land in nature will not survive without water. Water element and will help to offset the element of Earth. In this case, it would be good to organize a music room in the house with a variety of tools, a home theater system, which will be visiting your friends, relatives, neighbors.

Here you can carry home staging performances. Family members, representatives of the elements of the Earth will no longer dream, to compose, to entertain. The living room and dining room can be arranged interior fountains. Large aquariums with beautiful fishes Overseas complement the overall picture.

In order to "connect" the element of air, sometimes enough to donate their belongings to others. If that is not enough, and you realize that life is "at a standstill", apply the element of Fire.

Misc Old accumulation (newspapers, things magazine clippings) burn in a big bonfire. Clean home fire will certainly have to do: go through the house with a candle in a clockwise direction, to light incense or aroma lamp.

Worst of all is compensated by the prevailing element of Air. We need to help attract other three elements. Note that the windows and doors in the house did not pass wind. Castles also need sturdy. This will help tenants create new productive creative ideas instead of unnecessary chatter.

In the sports corner put a punching bag and a horizontal bar-bar. Spend most evenings by the fire, active measures in the country, in the countryside. Collecting, cooking can inspire good representatives of the air element.


Of course, ideally, if you live in one house representatives of the various major elements of the zodiac, then they both cope with any business, their life rich and interesting, everyone can show their abilities. In any case, we need mutual support, patience and understanding.

Despite the fact that many are interested in astrology, used its recommendations, not all are inclined to trust her. However, if something goes wrong in your work at work, at home, in your personal life - try to change something in your home, and you will certainly see a positive result.


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