Bedroom for travelers. Ideas for interior design

The interiors of these bedrooms is designed for those who can not imagine my life without travelling, for those who resent the feeling of stagnation and traditional comfort, for those who want every day to feel the dynamics of traveling and the spirit of adventure.

Two quite similar, but stylistically different bedrooms represent a definite hint card "sails", themed images and decor items, creating a comfort zone for researchers and travelers.

The dark wood finishes gives a feeling of coolness and generates a spatial geometry in favor of expanding the boundaries of the room at the level of sensations. The room can be bedroom is divided into two parts with zoniruya partitions with a sliding door that helps to transform the space, leaving it as a whole or by isolating different functions from each other.

It is compact and ergonomic, the proposal solves the problem of lack of space for individual study. In this case, the bedroom area and workspace are in absolute harmony with each other and their inhabitants.

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