This seamless land art by Gerry Barry

The man, of course, can not do anything more beautiful than nature has created. But he can embellish it created objects. That's one of the brightest representatives of contemporary land art and the artist Gerry Barry (Gerry Barry), made the nature of Ireland is even more amazing than it is!

Landscaping is a wonderful art in which the artist's talent must be combined with exquisite examples of the great Genius of nature. As examples of successful realization of this principle can result in amazing gardens of Charles Jencks (Charles Jencks), the giant man-made nest from Nils Udo (Nils-Udo) or the poetic vision of nature from Gambastyle.

Moreover, to create his works, Gerry Barry uses natural elements — stones, branches, water, sand, landscaping, etc. because of this these works of human-natural art may exist by years or even decades, with each year becoming, and becoming more natural.

Moreover, Barry is not trying to change his environment, he only gives her new opportunities to manifest itself. It creates the ground on which grow the most amazing examples of creative non-genius named Nature!

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