Japanese Valley of the Dolls

The Japanese artist abandoned village peopled terrible kuklami

When the Japanese artist Ayano Tsukimi went back to his village 11 years ago, it was not the place she once knew. There's no one else lived, so she decided to occupy the village of handmade dolls. Dolls can be seen throughout the village - they sit on benches in the streets, not far from the house, on farms or in an abandoned school. In ten years, the artist has created 350 dolls as a man, and they all represent the people who once lived in this place.

Highlands - Distant village located in the valleys of the island of Shikoku. Previously, she was a bustling center of the dam, large companies, and hundreds of residents. But residents have moved to cities in search of a better job and left the house in the village. Of course, people living there still remain, but they are few - only 37 people. Dolls are now a lot more, and Ayano believes that the time will come when there will be only in the village of dolls.

Recently, the work of Ayano made a film called "Valley of the Dolls" - it was created a journalist and photographer Fritz Schumann. He studied in detail the work of Ayano, its techniques and motifs. According Ayano, a very complex and important part of the doll - face. It makes good grandmothers - pulls the strings around the mouth, and they smile. Now it makes teachers, students and ordinary citizens.

Ayano believed that many people are interested in a doll village. But admits that dolls can not please everyone: some people may even be frightened because the dolls look very much real. But they do not live as long as people - a maximum of three years.

Living and working in the deserted Highlands - it is dangerous and difficult. To get to the nearest hospital, need 90 minutes, did not have time, and if something happens, Ayano likely to die. But she is not afraid of death - believed that, perhaps, will live forever.

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