To expose! Abandoned castle in the valley? (25 photos)

Very often, they write on the internet, it's an old abandoned castle. In fact, everything is easier and even more interesting.

Directly beneath Piazza Tasso, in the heart of Sorrento, a beautiful view down the valley, which is called "Valle dei Mollino" (Mill Valley) (Il Vallone dei Mulini). From the place where once there was a bridge, called "Ponte dei Mollino," and you can see the canyon, where you can still find the remains of old buildings, but today they are abundantly covered with vegetation. In the Middle Ages, the valley was of great importance for the performance of the city, as it housed a mill for grain and corn, and a sawmill was also located here. Sorrento artisans used it received here wood for their traditional products. Today, from the buildings in the valley were only relics, as the construction of a modern city turned over the valley gorge in wetlands. But this valley is the site of the oldest settlements in Sorrento, there have even been found remains of a prehistoric settlement.

The city itself is located on a steep rocky banks, consisting of volcanic tuff on the same peninsula. Similar gorge is not uncommon for him.

One side - the usual home, and the opposite - that was. Certainly there barricade across izvilitosti this street, at the level of the elbow, but the plan does not cost anything. Near the fence pavement on which all go .. Tourists certainly drop down photographed. Knees give way. Failure deep enough, about 100 meters vertical rock wall. On this street and the buses run.

Mill Valley is part of a system of five valleys (canyons) that crossed Sorrento Peninsula. In ancient times, these valleys were used to indicate the boundaries of possessions. Today remained only some of them.

And instead of the square was a narrow bridge connecting the two sides of the gorge. When the built area of ​​the gorge is partially filled, thus blocking access to the sea. Today from Piazza Tasso, you can go down the stairs and go to the sea on one of the streets. The Valley of the Mills and no descent to the sea, it does not come out.

Vallone dei Mulini, the once branched into three valleys, the best preserved of all. It is situated near the center of Sorrento and stretches from Via Fuorimura near Villa «La Rupe», not far from Piazza Tasso (Piazza Tasso)

Valley owes its name to the old mill located here (in my opinion, XVII century), which has ceased to operate in the early twentieth century. In addition to the mill there was a sawmill that was used for the treatment of different types of wood, and a public laundry. It worked it all Blagodyarya numerous mountain streams, spring water fills the valley.

So looked Valley Mills in the late XIX century:

Before the construction of the city's main square Tasso in 1866 at the Valley was direct access to the sea through the current street Via Marina Piccola.



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