20 Incredible ancient castle, preserved to our days

When you look at these magnificent buildings imagination immediately draws noble knights and wise kings, sword fighting and a long siege. Medieval castles were home, and strength, and the fort. They lived and fought. And now most of them - the sights, cultural heritage, attracting crowds of tourists. If you break your head what an interesting place to look for a vacation - here you several great ideas

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.. Built in the year 1869-1886. B>

Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria. Built in the year 1075-1078. B>

Castle Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Built in the XII century. B>

Rock of Cashel, Ireland. Built in the IV century. B>

Reynshtayn Castle, Germany. Built in 1316.

Ormonde Castle, Ireland. Built in 1315. B>

Trim Castle, Ireland. Built in 1174. B>

Bunratty Castle, Ireland. Built in 1425. B>

Bodiam Castle, England. Built in 1385. B>

Castle Landskron, Austria. Built in 1028. B>

Castle Kreuzenstein, Austria. Built in 1278. B>

Castle Estense, Italy. Built in 1385. B>

chęciny castle, Poland. Built in 1306. B>

Castle Falkenberg, Germany. Built in 1154. B>

Castle Kriebstein, Germany. Built in 1384. B>

Alnwick Castle, England. Built in the XI century. B>

Carisbrooke Castle, England. Built in 1100. B>

Château Gaillard, France. Built in 1198. B>

Harlech Castle, Wales, United Kingdom. Built in 1283. B>

Chateau de Chillon, Switzerland. Built in 1160. B>

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