Having given birth to three children for a year, she completely lost self-confidence

The birth of a child is a miracle, but for this, as everything else, has a price. Therefore, the majority of pregnant mothers being forever say goodbye to their beautiful toned bodies, if such they certainly were. Melanie Varney (Melanie Varney) from Vancouver, Canada, gave birth to a son March 11, 2013, and March 10, 2014 she gave birth to two twin girls. It turns out, the woman gave birth to 3 children up to 1 year, which of course could not affect her figure. After pregnancies confident young mother came to naught, and she had seen "in the proper reflection of someone else." To restore confidence, Melanie decided to take part in on the lake with her husband.

Melanie Varney with her husband Gabby Mason

"I was on top of the world because the light produced my body, but in his own reflection in the mirror, I saw someone else", - said Melanie

One photographer Trina Carey wrote that she was looking for a couple for a photo shoot at Lake

Melanie and her husband Gabby responded to the offer, and by sheer luck they perfectly meet the requirements of the photographer

Melanie during pregnancy twins

"I want to teach women and men to be self-confident", - said Trina Carey

"To be beautiful you have to be perfect in every way, you just have to have its drawbacks and make their differences", - she added

Having taken part in a photo shoot, Melanie wanted to regain the confidence

Trina did not adjust the shape of Melanie during the treatment, as it wanted on the contrary to emphasize the so-called symbols of motherhood

With these pictures Trina Melanie wanted to show that it is also beautiful as before gave birth to three adorable kids

The photographer has done everything possible to show the beauty of the female body after childbirth

Trine also wanted to show that her husband still loves

Melanie Thus Trina helped to find self-confidence not only to Melanie, but Gabby

Trina Melanie and hope that these pictures will inspire other moms to photograph your postpartum body

"I hope that people see a strong beautiful mother, who accepted and loved shortcomings of your body, and her husband, who is still in awe of it," - said the photographer

Delicate and sensual images with a high mission

These photographs have once again proved that every body is beautiful, even if we ourselves do not notice.

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