Abandoned Castle Chateau Miranda (52 photos)

Miranda castle (the French name Shateau Miranda), also known as Noisy castle (the French name Shateau de Noisy). Castle of the 19th century, located in Belgium (Province Namur, the village Selles). The castle was built by English architect in 1866 for the family of Count Liedekerke-Beaufort. The family lived there until World War II, after which the castle bought Belgian railway company. Château de Noisy abandoned since 1991, partly because the family refuses to transfer it to the municipality Sel.

Recently, the castle functioned as a children's camp and was finally abandoned in 1991.

This, Chateau de Veves, feudal castle - local pride. He was taken by storm once for all time of its existence. His story begins with the lock Veves 685, when there was built the first primitive fortification. Later, in the 1230th, the then Bishop Pepijn Herstal upgrade design. So, is no longer relevant at the time, "strong stone barn" has found high steep walls, observation towers at the corners and moat district. In 1410-m the castle was still taken by storm and partially destroyed by a detachment of troops Dinant, but was quickly rebuilt. Its high, thick walls and narrow round towers with battlements were designed for long-term defense. But in the 18th century, the French King Louis XV tailored appearance of the castle under Veves then fashionable style renissans, where he remains to this day. Currently inside the castle are rooms and halls - museums with the interior of Louis XV and XVI, old property last owner of the castle, Count Liedekerke-Beaufort (Liedekerke-Beaufort), armory, elegant living room, a chapel for prayer, bedroom and more. et al.

In 1866, a number of as a summer residence was built another castle, designed by English architect Milner, who died without seeing his child rebuilt. At that time the castle was called Château de Miranda and family to dispose of the graph. During the Second World War the castle for some time was occupied by the Nazis. Since 1958, the castle was used by the Belgian railway company as a holiday home for children of railway workers. Then he was called Chateau de Noisy. However, the hosts soon returned to his former castle Veves castle. Here he can be seen on the horizon.

From 1903 to 1907 by the French architect Pelshne were working on erecting the central clock tower. At the new place the family decided to "anchor" and not to move anywhere else. Happily living members of Liedekerke-Beaufort in the castle until the end of the Second World War, and the war was over, moved to France for permanent residence. Chateau de Noisy decided to rent (Commersant ?!). So, after the war, opened an orphanage here, and after was the headquarters of the local Boy Scouts. Since 1991, the castle Miranda - Noisy stands empty ...

Once upon a time it looked gorgeous, and now it's even look hurt. The facade of the building also was a pitiable sight. Wretchedness and ruin the once former greatness have imposed melancholy. But in the neighboring castle Veves and this castle Noisy - one owner. This is the ancestor of the family Liedekerke-Beaufort. At the moment, the strange gentleman lives in France and stubbornly continues to refuse to sell the castle authorities Dinant for its subsequent restoration and protection. Meanwhile, the top floor Noisy and several flights of stairs completely collapsed. All 500 windows broken lock. Unique "stucco" chips and take away their homes, and the castle became a shelter for all "bomzhatiny".

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