Depraved and kravozhadnaya Barbie doll from Mariel Clayton

A self-taught photographer Mariel Clayton (Mariel Clayton) has created a collection of photos "Bad Barbie", where the Barbie doll (Barbie) are presented in a completely unfamiliar situation. For most people, the dolls are associated with something bright, kind, memories from childhood. But Meryl Clayton believes that like all people, Barbie has a dark side. The project photographer, dolls in various ways kill his beloved Ken: Ken Barbie Cooks head in a pan or cut it off, Ken falls under the wheels of the car, Barbie lets blood out of his body, etc. Also in the collection are provided sexual fantasies Barbie games with drugs and alcohol. The collection was blatantly calling. What can I say, a Barbie You have not seen!


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