The room in the style of Barbie, Las Vegas

The increase in the number of tourist routes, simplifying procedures associated with the suppression of borders and the welfare of earthlings contributes to the development of tourism. A growing number of travelers in need of comfortable housing, so all kinds of hotels and hostels are growing after the rain.

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And in order to attract potential guest, hotels go to any kind of tricks. For example, in Las Vegas, the designers have designed the room in the style of Barbie. So that all admirers of Barbie dolls, you can rent a themed room at The Palms Las Vegas. The room is ideal for a bachelorette party or parties in the style of Barbie.

Eighty seven million four hundred sixty eight thousand two hundred eight

All the details of the rooms reflect the love of Barbie to the pink color. Also in the room there are things brought out this Barbie house in Malibu. Needless to say that all the hot pink and lace? An interesting solution is the mirror. It is unusual in that it is made of 60 Barbie dolls. Also features a huge Jacuzzi tub where you can climb the whole company, and then sit by the fire, enjoying a night in Las Vegas.

It's good when a lot of good hotels for every taste, as long as the prices meet the quality of services provided.

Forty seven million seventy one thousand three hundred eighty

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