Barbie doll with a body a normal 19-year-old girl. Only now it looks far from the ideal of beauty ...

Ideal Beauty Barbie doll is not the first time the barrel comes under sharp criticism for what makes young children the illusory idea of ​​female beauty and figure. That is why a digital artist and designer Nicholas Lamm decided to replace the legendary blonde Barbie doll Lamm create a much more realistic figure parameters 19-year-old girl. Average body tattoos, imperfect skin, cellulite, stretch marks and pimples - so looks like a toy of a new generation.

In addition to the doll comes with unusual packaging labels, which help to give this doll even more real image. «I wanted to show that the natural - that's fine. We should not in any way compare myself to impose upon us the unrealistic images of Barbie and Ken », i> - says Lamm.

Realistic Barbie doll has parameters normal 19-year-old girl.

Also, like all the girls, she have problems with the skin.

She also has stretch marks.

And even cellulite ...

Lamma loves sports. Okay, that this time she was able to get away with just bruises. B>

This doll teaches teenage girls love your body.

Lamm label-freckles on her cheeks.

This doll has flexible limbs, lifelike fingers and toes, as well as close to the human foot, which allows it to engage in sports, which previously could not do regular Barbie.

Here stickers tattoo.

Yes, it is also how we can hurt: Lamm with his hand in a cast.

It seems Lamm even blushed when her words on hot: she ate all the remaining cookies.

Package with special stickers.

Compare the usual unrealistic Barbie doll with realistic Lamm.

This realistic doll teaches children to love your body, but still look after themselves and to strive for the better. You should not chase after unattainable ideals. We are all different: some high and some low; someone is slim, and some fat. All of us are imperfect, but each of us is beautiful in its own way. Tell us about a new generation of unusual doll to your friends.

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