Huge practice makes perfect

Yalutorovchane why it is so believed in what will be able to bake a giant pancake and get into the record books (and it is not clear what is probably Guinness) that are engaged in this is the sixth consecutive year. Damn never joke - three meters in diameter.
As the author says, the third consecutive year, these people are trying to cook a pancake. Nothing changes, the same frying pan, cup coals, even people of the same half. And no special technology revolutions there.
At this time, hope died immediately poured the dough into the pan. It is stupid to start burning. Out damn fifty / fifty - burnt on one side, on the other underdone. But the audience, and this went on hurray! She snapped at him, which was torn down standing next to the table and the fence.
Here is such a yearly ritual.


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