By following these smart tips you forget what "practice makes perfect"! How to make perfect pancakes.

Who does not like to eat pancakes? Oh, there are few people! With a variety of fillings, in different variations like pancakes for everyone. It is a traditional element of Russian cuisine, which is only Maslenitsa - a holiday, which can not be imagined without the pancakes. But cook them like not all. Of course, this is due to the fact that the housewives, especially beginners, may have difficulty with baking pancakes. Here takes practice, but also need to know the tricks that can help make pancakes specialties. Read and remember!

1. The liquid in the dough for pancakes should be added hot to increase the stickiness of flour.

2. To get a tasty pancakes and beautiful, give a little stand sifted flour, do not use it immediately.

3. Salt and sugar should be put exactly as prescribed. Salty pastry and pancake bad haunting turns pale. Out of the abundance of sugar dough becomes hard.

4. If the flour for pancakes breed in salt water, the test will not be lumps.

5. The pan frying pancakes should first sprinkle with salt, then wipe with a cloth and only then - the butter and pour the batter.

6. It is convenient to fry pancakes in two pans, where a third is on the small fire. It is necessary to add pancakes and lubricate warmed butter. Stack is desirable from time to time to turn, then by the time of the last pancake ready first will not have time to cool down! An ingenious solution.

7. If you turn the pancake torn, to add to the flour and egg batter.

8. To reheat pancakes stack need to cover with foil and place in a preheated 140 degree oven on the top level for 10-15 minutes will warm pancakes.

9. Very often, it is impossible to eat all at once baked pancakes. And the next day they are not as tasty and fresh ... To give fresh yesterday pancakes, you need every damn one side (inside) a little sprinkle with sugar, turn four, lay on a lightly greased or covered with baking paper baking (shape ) and put on for 4-5 minutes in the oven, preheated to the maximum. See that is not burnt pancakes. The result - delicious, crispy, caramel pancakes on your desk! Be sure to try.

These tips will help you in the difficult task of cooking pancakes. Suppose you have everything turns out perfectly! If you found useful these tips - tell them to close people.

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