Stop buying bottled water

There are few things on this planet who hates the site more than bottled water. We stopped drinking it a long time ago - and that's why you should do the same.

Recently, CEO of Nestle led a bunch of desperate men, saying it would not stop pouring water on the plant owned by the company, the plant, which is near the place where dry wells and water sources of local residents. He said that poured a lot more water, if I could, because people never stop buying it. In response to this statement in protest of social networks has risen to boycott the entire bottled water this brand. And all the other brands of bottled water, too.

Boycott bottled water means that you are a supporter of the idea that access to clean, safe water is a fundamental human right. Provide free access to clean water - the only way to guarantee the preservation of this resource for many years. Clean, safe drinking water freely flowing from our faucets - a breakthrough engineering that people improved over the past two millennia. This is the cornerstone of civilization.

Companies spill water in disposable bottles, do not care about the future. They are not interested in a long-term impact of climate change in the catchment, and they are not interested in the fact that megacities were ready for the inevitable natural disaster. The only thing they are interested in, is the sale of "healthy" products as opposed to others drink their own produce, such as Coca-Cola. And sales at prices which 240-10000 times more than you pay for tap water.

Drink tap water - so join the local water system, which saves natural resources, replenish local aquifers and creates a resilient infrastructure to deliver water to the population.

Drink bottled water - so collude with the corporation, that is not required to disclose information about how it plans to cut costs, exploit workers, drill wells, or use the fuel in the supply chain to deliver into your hands a bottle of water at an incredibly inflated price.

Number of drinking water on the planet is decreasing every year. The production of bottled water is expanding at an incredible rate. Last year, its turnover amounted to one hundred billion dollars - an amount that is expected to double in the next five years.

Now think about the fact that to produce one bottle of water requires the equivalent of three bottles. Every mouthful made for the convenience of plastic bottles, brings us closer to a world without clean water at all.



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