What you need to check when you buy water in plastic bottles

What do you know about how to buy bottled water? Chances are you've heard the advice to look at that with a bottomed bottle was all right. But this is not enough to protect your health.

Plastic bottle label always contains a record of it from a type of plastic they are made. And this information is very important. In the end, any plastic bottle releases the contents of chemicals in varying degrees of danger.

Every bottle contains one of these symbols. But what does it all mean.

PET or PETEEto PETy or disposable bottles. They can release into a liquid heavy metals and substances that affect the hormonal balance of a person.

PET - the most commonly used type of plastic in the world. It is important to remember that it is intended for single use only. If you pour a bottle of your water, then get ready for the fact that your body can get some alkaline and too many bacteria, which literally adore PETy.

HDP or HDPEEto very good plastic that does not emit virtually no pollutants. Experts recommend that, if possible, to buy water in such bottles. And security and to the environment is useful: almost all of this plastic is recycled.

It's a hard type of plastic that is often used for the storage of milk, toys, detergents and in the production of a number of plastic bags.

PVC or VVeschi of this material emit at least two hazardous chemical. Both have a negative impact on your hormonal balance.

It is a soft, flexible plastic that is normally used for the storage of vegetable oil and children's toys. From it makes blister packaging for countless consumer goods. It is also used for covering computer cables. It is made of plastic tubes and parts for plumbing. PVC relatively immune to direct sunlight and weather, so often out of it still make window frames and garden hoses. Nevertheless, experts recommend to refrain from buying it, if you can find an alternative.

LDPEEtot plastic is used in the manufacture of bottles, and in the manufacture of plastic bags. It does not release chemicals into the water, which keeps.

But if it is safe only for containers of water. Bags at the grocery store from it is better not to buy: you can eat not only bought, but also some very, very dangerous for your heart chemicals.

PPEtot plastic is white or translucent colors. Used as packaging for yogurt and syrup.

Polypropylene is valued for its heat resistance. When it is heated, it does not melt. Relatively safe.

PSChasto used in the production of coffee cups and containers for fast food. Upon heating, however, emit dangerous chemicals.

Polystyrene - an inexpensive, lightweight and durable enough kind of plastic that is not suitable for the storage of hot food and drinks.

A PC or plastic without special znakovEto most dangerous kind of plastic. It is used in the production of water bottles and food containers.

Store in containers made of polycarbonate food or water, you should not: it releases bisphenol A - known substance that destroys your endocrine system. It inhibits the production of a hormone called estrogen.

And another thing. Before you buy anything in any plastic packaging, think twice. Still, glass is much safer.

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