As South Korea's people look after plastic surgery

South Korea is a leader in the number of plastic surgeries per capita - they made 20% of women (in Seoul - 40%). Korean youth rapidly Europeanized, and it seems that one of the ways to get rid of the Asiatic way of life - including the remake themselves "under the European»

. In 2011, 15 million. Plastic surgery has been done in the world. In absolute terms the US in the lead, and the relative (the number of operations per population, see table below.) The first three looks so - South Korea, Greece and Italy. The United States only in fourth place. 90-95% of transactions where women make.

Each country has its own reasons for the popularity of women's appearance alteration. For example, in Brazil, with its "beach culture" of the type of operations leading breast implants. In the United States - and the breast implants and tummy tuck. This is a country in the first place by the number of transactions for vaginoplasty - Americans attribute this to the prevalence in the culture of Protestant fundamentalism, which pays great attention to the "sinfulness of everything connected with the sexual organs." In Italy and Greece, there is no particular advantage on some type of manipulation - there is still a strong tradition of ancient

«cult of the body". In South-East Asia - China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan - the majority of plastic surgery performed on her face: corrected shape of the ears, eyes, lips, cheeks. All these countries are currently a strong Europeanisation, covering all aspects of life - from the economy, religion, politics to family relationships and relationships to their own sex. Often this takes the form of grotesque, resembling cargo cult - Asian pop culture and fashion

. These countries adopt the extreme, often marginal concepts of European and American culture. In the case of South Korea, the situation is complicated by the fact that the country has its own culture (except for that of some form of the village, animalistic and shamanistic beliefs). The country has always been under pressure from hard culture of neighboring countries - China and Japan, as a meaningful part of the story at all was occupied by these aggressors. Therefore Koreans easier from the point of view of psychology to abandon the "root" - because there is virtually no such


Changing appearance - part of this borrowing from the West, who took on grotesque forms. In general, in South Korea 20% of women aged 15 to 49 years old do plastic surgery, and in Seoul, this figure is 40% in general. The country changed its appearance and up to 7% of men (in Seoul 10%).

In the future, these figures are likely to be higher. According to recent polls, 41% of teenagers are going to have cosmetic surgery, mostly on the face.

As mentioned above, mostly Koreans change the shape of the eye (or rather century), the nose, lips, cheekbones. These operations are affordable - about $ 800


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