Life of Muslim women

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In Pakistan, opened a beauty salon worker who their appearance may shock the unprepared client. After all, when he opened a rehabilitation center for women victims of burns. Acid and flammable mixture - a popular means of violence in Pakistan. Here are just a few real-life stories of women who have been victims of a terrible revenge. Therefore, by women who want to get into the center, there is no release.

26-year-old Sair Liaquat holding a photograph of herself at 16 years of age. At age 15, she married his cousin, who then mutilated her refusal to live with him. To try to get rid of scars, suffered Sair 9 operations. Now she runs a beautician in a rehabilitation center for women victims of burns.

18-year-old Shamim Akhter posing for a photographer at his home in Jhang, Pakistan. Three years ago she was raped three boys, and then doused her with acid. She endured 10 operations in an attempt to regain its former appearance.

30-year-old Sabir Sultan puts makeup at home in the city of Jhelum, Pakistan. Pregnant woman doused with gasoline and set fire to her husband because her parents have given insufficient dowry for his daughter. Sabir underwent 20 plastic surgeries.

30-year-old resident of Islamabad Iruma Said suffered 12 years ago from a guy whom she did not want to marry. On doused her face, shoulders, and back in the middle of the street. The girl underwent 25 plastic surgeries.

16-year-old Khalil Atia 3 years ago poured acid relatives neighbor guy, after the girl did not want to marry him. Atia lay under the surgeon's knife three times.

28-year-old Akbar Uruzh doing manicure in Pakistan's rehabilitation center. About three years ago, an angry husband doused with kerosene girl while she slept, and set on fire. The proceeds from the work Uruzh spends money to support her daughter, she almost did not see the incident.

16-year-old Najaf Sultana at age 5 lit during sleep her own father. He just did not want his family was another girl. As a result, set fire to blind girl and her parents were thrown. Now she lives with her family. Najaf underwent 15 plastic surgeries.

32-year-old Shahnaz, a resident of the Pakistani city of Jhelum, was doused with acid 19 years ago their relatives. Her parents refused to give his daughter in marriage to a guy from his own family. Shahnaz 8 made of plastic surgeries.

Sair Liaquat does make a client. Girl grateful that in rehab she trusted beautician job, but worried that it might bring her bad eyesight.


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