Look at the Crusades Stefan Molyneux

In today's "progressive" talk crusades cited as an example of religious fanaticism. Pope Urban II described as murderous and authoritarian ruler, eager to riches and conquests, which began an armed movement. Often, people who want to emphasize that religion - it's bad and hypocritical Christians, as an argument used Crusades

. And how often people raise the question of the moral legitimacy of the Muslim conquests? You never heard of the Muslim conquests? You should know that the Crusades were in response to the vast and fierce attacks of the Muslim conquerors, suffered by millions of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Europeans, Middle Easterners and North Africa. Christianity Today called European religion simply because it completely destroyed Islam elsewhere. Not surprisingly, all this is still going on.

Convinced atheist Stefan Molyneux (Stefan Molyneux) presents the educational point of view of the historical context associated with the Crusades:


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