The designer has created a home-bubble

Designer Pierre Stephan Dumas brought to life his dream — transparent house. Home-bubble Bubble Tree rather than building in the traditional sense, but some habitat is needed more than leisure tourists, which will protect from the weather: wind, rain and annoying animals.

The whole point of this venture is in its transparency, thanks to which the available 360 degrees. Therefore, especially the house-bubble Bubble Tree needed in scenic areas where you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Inside the bubble is kept at a constant temperature, and the system of ventilation in here provides a constant flow of fresh air.

Most tourists are imbued with the romance of the house-bubble Bubble Tree and began to be a temporary settlement consisting of these transparent bubbles. These transparent bubbles can be easily installed anywhere: in the mountains, in the desert, the sea and even on trees. In order to stay the night in one of those luxurious bouncy castles, You need to pay $635.

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