Unusual house, Cocoon Tree: rest on the nature

Fifty five million six hundred sixteen thousand seven hundred fifty six

No doubt that the creators of house, Cocoon Tree is a lightweight, waterproof and, by the way, low-cost dwelling — inspired by the giant birds ' nests. However, Cocoon Tree is a great choice for those who love to go on nature. To establish a house for a maximum of two hours, and for work lighting and air conditioning enough energy from wind and solar.

Six million three hundred seventy three thousand two hundred five

Unusual house, Cocoon Tree is a spherical aluminium structure that weighs only 59 pounds, equipped with ropes, fixed in 12 points, which ensures stability. Properly installed house can withstand the weight up to 1 ton. Included mattress sold 3 meters in diameter and a down duvet. This is enough to comfortably rest a married couple with two children.

Ninety eight million four hundred twenty two thousand forty seven

Unusual house, Cocoon Tree is a comfortable interior, a watertight room, ventilation and air conditioning. The designers even took care of the mosquito net, which closed all the holes.

Fifty million nine hundred seven thousand one hundred seventy four

It should be noted that there are several models Cocoon for various conditions of placement. Cocoon Tree is attached between the trees. A model for beach lovers — an unusual Cocoon Beach, Cocoon is a Jungle, which is covered with synthetic fiber that imitates bamboo, ensuring full protection even under extreme conditions. These blocks can be placed on a special floating platform on the lake.

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