Unusual house: a transparent bubble Cocoon 1 for a harmonious life

Planet gets closer, and the man harder to find at least a small cabin to be alone. Micasa lab has presented its new development — an unusual house: Cocoon 1, which will allow to solve the problem of personal space. This unusual structure, which is a transparent bubble, not intended for permanent residence, but is a great opportunity to be alone and sit with a book or at the computer.

Unusual house Cocoon 1 is a transparent bubble with a diameter of 180 cm and its Main purpose – ensuring a comfortable personal space of the person. Transparent ball comes complete with three colorful modules, and with a special stand under the "bubble" and two pillows.

The pillow is designed to Cocoon 1 was stable and not pushed from the surface where mounted, and the pillows can be used either for sleeping or for storing any belongings that fit inside. In one of the cushions has a built module Wi-Fi, which will allow you to get Internet access.

Transparent bubble Cocoon 1 is spacious enough to fit people, and is compact enough to place it in the room. It can be placed on any surface or hung, for example, in the tree. Even in limbo like this bubble can withstand up to 200 kg.

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