Chandeliers Bubble: recycling plastic

Bubble chandelier created from plastic bottles not only have an unusual appearance, but also are part of the social action. Bottles for these chandeliers were collected for the homeless of new York, who agreed to become parties to the non-profit project.

Bubble chandelier created from plastic bottles is not only a very interesting piece of furniture, but also an opportunity to collect donations for the homeless in Brooklyn. However, it should be noted that the direct participants of the project were homeless, and collected used plastic bottles on city streets.

All chandeliers are made from plastic to be sold at a charity auction, and proceeds to transfer to the Fund of assistance to the homeless of new York. However, if such an initiative can be useful even in cities where the homeless problem is not urgent. The Bubble chandelier is a great opportunity to be creative and at the same time to remove debris from city streets. Beautiful creative recycling!

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