How did the symbol of the heart?

Have You ever had the question "Why is the symbol of the heart, as we draw, the absolute is not like a real heart?" Let's face it.

There are two assumptions of the appearance of this sign.

Proponents of the first compare this image with a sheet of ivy. Ivy is known for that produce additional roots from the stems which cover everything near the plant. The ancient Romans and Greeks, the ivy represented the deep affection, so the image of this plant could often be seen on the tombstones. Most likely, over time, the meaning of this symbol has turned from affection to love.

The second version of the origin of the symbol of love outlined a psychology Professor from the University of Roanoke in Virginia Galdino Pranzarone. The scientist spent a lot of time studying the history and symbolism of Valentine's Day. As a result, he came to the conclusion that this symbol depicts nothing but a female ass. The Professor notes that the ancient Greeks worshiped the goddess of love, Aphrodite, admiring the perfect shape of her buttocks.

And after some time, this pagan symbol, according to the scientist, and migrated to Europe, however there it was given a slightly different meaning and slightly changing its shape.

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