What color to paint the nursery

Nursery for the son or daughter – a world where a new man, with his character, habits and intelligence. Psychologists suggest with great attention to the design of the room for the baby. Because it is the right situation around and further affect the character of the little person. Experts recommend to divide the nursery into three zones: leisure, play and study. This procedure will help the child to be disciplined from early childhood to know the purpose of those or other places: where you work – not play.

Equally important step is the furniture. It is important that the child had a separate wardrobe, a bookcase, a chest of drawers for toys and a work Desk. If you can not afford to fulfill all the requirements, you must select separate shelves for children's things. Of course, do not forget that the sharp corners, glass, slippery rugs, and small details are best avoided in children's interior. Floors must be insulated. And to cover it is best to choose natural materials.

Of great importance in the nursery have colors and shades of the objects that surround the baby. No need to arrange the space in a metal, black and gray tones. They are oppressed, doing her tenant, silent and sullen. Will not fit and "hot" colors, because their child is difficult to soothe and put to sleep. Best of all there are the recommended yellow, peach and green shades. The lights in the room should be plenty, and natural, so a large window in the nursery is necessary. And don't forget about the light that must Shine soft, torshernye light. And always listen to the needs of the child, which change every year.


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