North Korea on the eve of the war

According to the official, Kim Jong Il was born on the sacred Mount Baekdu. At birth, the leader of the sky, a new shining star. (In fact, he was born in the village of Vyatskoe Khabarovsk Krai and his real name is Yuri).
Everything he touched the leader in Korea, is now a shrine. Each statue is required to bow down to the floor. If we sometimes come across in the homes of the icon, then in Korea without fail in every home (class waiting room, subway, etc.) there are portraits of the leaders: a father and son (Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il). Chronology of the country is carried out by Kim Il Sung Christmas (now there is 102-th year). When the leader died, the sun began to shine a much dimmer, and the orbit of the Earth has shifted a bit, which was recorded by scientists around the world.

Most of all, North Korea's modern life resembles the activity of a religious sect.

In North Korea, you can not come yourself. It can only be visited as part of an organized group. Immediately upon arrival in the country have taken into custody two guides and a driver. For the next week we spent under their scrutiny. And not only them, periodically, we noticed different people who obviously watched us and even photographed. Leave the hotel unaccompanied by a guide are strictly prohibited. The hotel itself is located on an island in a river in Pyongyang. Control is truly total: guides know what you eat, where to go to a hotel that photograph. All rooms at the hotel are monitored (but more on that in the tour operator has warned Moscow).

View from hotel

The country has big problems with electricity. Even in the capital city lights give only from 8 pm to midnight. But even in our hotel the tension was so weak that a liter of water in the kettle to boil for 20 minutes of light is not even on public transport. Trams run from the unlit interior, even in the dark. Almost all of the country's electricity is available is spent on the rotation of centrifuges at a uranium enrichment plant and recharge voltage barbed wire around the perimeter girded the country. The apartments are for the most part light bulbs Ilyich.

Evening Pyongyang resembles a ghost town

With all transport problems. No private cars and bicycles mandatory are registered. The car in a private property may only be the case if the person you gave it to the leader, ie almost never. People have only bicycles. Each bike is mandatory shall be registered.


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