The most difficult in the history of the operation to a full face transplant was successful

Welcome to the pages of the blog iCover ! The topic of our today's publication - plastic surgery and transplantation, to be precise - the hardest in the history and the unprecedented level of performance operation at full face transplant. On its preparation and conduct of the team of plastic surgeons from Langonskogo Medical Center at New York University, led by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez took a total of more than a year and spent more than a million dollars. Read more about this extraordinary event ...

Familiar to us the story movies "Face," starring Nicolas Cage today is not something fantastic, because the first successful face transplant was done by the French plastic surgeons for more than 10 years ago. However, in terms of complexity and technologies, as well as on the results achieved, transactions in Langonskom Medical Center at New York University ( Langone Medical Center ) can surely recognize the unprecedented.

The tragedy of 41-year-old American firefighter Patrick Hardison (Patrick Hardison) occurred during fire fighting in 2001 while trying to rescue a woman from the flames of the building.

Patrick Hardison to tragic day em>

Burns disfigured face Patrick beyond recognition. He almost lost his eyesight. Completely burned face, head, neck, upper torso. Almost completely faded nose and completely - the ears, lips, eyebrows, eyelids and hair.

After the tragedy, shortly before surgery i>

The donor was the person to Hardison Roderbau artist David (David P. Rodebaugh), crashed on a motorcycle in his early 26 years the year before and donated his body as a source of donor organs. Consent to transplant in favor of Patrick gave as mother of the deceased. Authorities subsequently transplanted David saved the lives of several terminally ill people.

David Roderbau - donor Patrick Hardison em>

According to a survey of a group of plastic surgeons led by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez - head of the Department of Plastic Surgery of Hansjörg Wyss, decided to completely transplant patient not only the person, but also of the facial bones, the nose, the ears (including the ear canals), lids (including muscles, providing their movement) and scalp donor. The operation, which was attended by more than 100 physicians, including nurses, lasted 26 hours.

In preparation for the operation, which took a total of more than a year, Patrick had to endure more than 70 pre-intermediate operations, each of which solves some specific task. We were involved possibilities of computer 3D-modeling and 3D-printing technology. Last required to recreate models of heads of donor and recipient, and a preliminary assessment of the scope, focus and the specifics of the planned activities.

However, in spite of carefully conducted preliminary calculations and taken preparatory measures in the practical part of the operation was so complex that it took repeated "reshaping" of the skull shape of the recipient c, so that bone, cartilage and skin taken the optimum position. < br />
Stage of preparation, planning, proper operation conducted in August 2015 and the subsequent cost of rehabilitation at New York University in 1000 $ 000.

After 3 months, taking into account the patient's condition and the dynamics of the recovery process specialists of the clinic have concluded that Patrick Hardison can be discharged. Of course, in order to prevent rejection of the donor tissue he will, at least for a while, to take more than one course of special preparations. And it takes a set of special exercises that allow to develop facial expressions and learn to speak the new lips.

Before and after surgery em>

Before discharge from the hospital em>

Dr Rodriguez (center) and medical personnel involved in the preparation and conduct of operations em>

Of course, the result is impressive, but any plastic surgeon knows that the likelihood of rejection of donor tissue always remains. At the same time, the life of a person and hope for the future is not going to any comparison with the prospects offered to Patrick his recent existence. The very recent patient looks quite optimistic for the future and reflects the continuation of the work, which he considers his vocation.

"I express my deepest gratitude to the donor and his entire family - does not hide emotions Patrick Hadison in one of his interviews. - Despite the fact that I did not know them personally, I pray for them every day, knowing what a difficult decision they have taken to help me. I would also like to thank Dr. Rodriguez and his entire team for what they gave me more than a new face. They gave me a new life ".

Background h2>
Father of Plastic Surgery find Harold Gillis, who spent the first operation to restore the appearance in 1917. One of the first patients have successfully undergone plastic surgery on the face and head became English sailor during World War I, Walter Yeo. Severe head injuries he received in the famous Battle of Jutland - the largest naval battle of World War II. Indirectly with this name is associated with the emergence of a new field of medicine.

Harold Gillies em>

The first ever successful operation on a partial face transplant. Isabelle Dinuar h2>
Despite the fact that plastic surgery in its classical interpretation has been around for a hundred years, the operation of the partial face transplant was able to carry only 27 November 2005 year. The first patient successfully underwent surgery face transplant in 2005 was the 38 - year-old Frenchwoman, Isabelle Dinoire lost its appearance after a failed suicide attempt. Distraught stress dog, Labrador, in an attempt to bring to life the mistress izgryz Dinuar face beyond recognition. The nose, mouth and chin in a state, which, according to the surgeons who performed the operation, eliminates the possibility of the plastic reconstruction of any existing methods.

Plastic surgeons Devoshel Bernard and Jean-Michel Dubernard of the University Hospital of Amiens in northern France offered to host the first in the world partial face transplant from an anonymous donor - a woman who died the year before. Isabel agreed. Operation, during which were used donor tissue and facial muscles, arteries and veins lasted 15 hours.

Unlike Patrick, Isabelle's face was transplanted Dinuar anonymous donor from Lille and any information about a woman who sacrificed her face or her relatives former patient still does not have. In accordance with French law, the name she did not know until the end of his days.

Isabel Dinuar i>

In total in the world, including countries such as the USA, Turkey, China, Spain today conducted more than 10 such operations a minute. Their labor and cost, unfortunately, for a long time will not be allowed to talk about the production on stream, and when, if necessary or desired, we can change the face does not suit us are still in the immensely distant future.


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