The standards of male beauty in different countries. The Koreans, as always in his repertoire ...

We, the women do not understand: that we say that the man next to be slightly better than the monkey, then twist the nose, they say, give us the princes with Hollywood smile ... How many people - so many flavors, and about them, as we know, do not argue. This law applies to the standards of male beauty: someone loves brutal man with a beard and a raised body, while others are crazy about high lean the stronger sex. However, practice shows that each country has its own preferences and the "special orders" for men. And today, raise the veil of dreams and female stereotypes about how a man should look perfect in different states. Pretty interesting observations!

If you closed your eyes and imagining a perfect Frenchman, you draw in the imagination impressive, gallant, well-groomed man, which certainly is very nice smell, that we dare to please you: your expectations are not so far from reality. The French, generally, even those dudes: they like to go for a manicure, use the services of beauticians and stylists who regularly visit dental offices. Also, representatives of the country's high fashion very closely related to the choice of accessories, whether hats, gloves, watches, sunglasses.

Burning the Mediterranean temperament of the inhabitants are very affects their appearance. Italians believe that the most important thing in this life - to pick up a suit to match, and then everything goes like clockwork. Men from mozzarella, pasta and pizza is distinguished from the other love of expensive fabric, memorable prints and fashion trends. This Italian is very important to have the image of something that represents his masculinity, for example, a light or a well-groomed beard unshaven. So they attract the opposite sex look at the gut level.

This country is so far away and so isolated from the world, that many do not even know what was going on, and going there at all. And the Australian male standards of beauty and does remain a mystery. It should be noted that, as the French, the Australians pay a lot of time, effort and attention to appearance. Relief muscle, 6 dice press stunning tan - the card everyone who loves is on the beach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By the way, plastic surgery enjoys considerable demand among men - inhabitants of the Green continent.


The Albion man to stand out from the gray mass, that is, from the crowd of pale people, enough to put self-tanning - and all the ladies are at his feet. Britain has not bypassed and the popular trend - beard. This is despite the fact that the English woman (according to the poll) prefer men with "soft" features, without the massive lower jaw, flawless skin, clean-shaven. Incidentally, the British are very fond of the tattoo - according to statistics, "drawing on a lifetime" is one in five men of the country.

In Russia, for centuries valued "strong" man in every sense of the word: from the broad shoulders and chest, which can cover the relatives and loved ones, to the respectable status in society. No matter how hard you try, fashionable beauty treatments is very difficult to sell to the Russians: Well, they do not peck at these trends and brands. Not to face our men applied a moisturizing balm to the lips are not cracked, matting powder to the pot did not make, or use the scrub, the skin was velvety. According to the poll, Russians love haired man with strong, manly hands, confident gait and enticing look.

Here Asians, as always, are able to amaze and surprise. Believe me, any cosmetic Korean five times heavier than yours! And it is here in order. Almost every man in Korea - an expert in lip gloss, strengthen nail polishes and brushes for eyebrows and eyelashes. This is someone who, as men with a beard then meet very rarely - a trend not have to like touching Asians. But plastic surgery for the average Korean - it habitual. More often here do an operation to increase the eye - Western culture does its work.

You'll be surprised, but all sorts of beauty treatments are enjoying more than 60% of men who are just crazy about all sorts of jars, sklyanochkah. Especially popular are the bleaching creams and means for hair care. By the way, the hair - is sort of a fad Indians: their installation, they are treated with a special gleam in his eye.

And now look at a video that will tell you about the world of male standards of beauty. Carefully, the level surpasses sexuality here! B>

We are well aware that the cut one size fits all - at least wrong in every man there is something wonderful. If the standards of female beauty can have up to 100-volume book, you talk about male aesthetics somehow not accepted. Therefore, this position can be a great source of informative, that is not a sin to share with your friends.

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